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    RGB LED Tape DMX decoder wiring

    Hi all, I have a DMX decoder for RGB LED tape and I want to wire it up for use on a show. Its clear how the tape gets wired in but I have got a bit confused on how the power supply hooks up. There is an in for the power input clearly marked but then there is also another 'V- V-' terminal that...
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    Lock programming on ETC eos

    Hi all, I am trying to find a way to lock an ETC eos file so that none of the programming can be altered. I have a SM that is convinced they know what they are doing on the desk but in preshow checks they have managed to alter my fade times twice already. Is there a way or is it a macro I...
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    Budget LED Pars Recommendations

    Thanks! Much as I expected but advise appreciated!
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    Budget LED Pars Recommendations

    Hello! Just had my design budget slashed due to a set overspend and so now I'm on the hunt for 9 budget LED pars that will take DMX control. I need them ideally to be RGBW, have strobe capability and be under £150/$180. If they had custom accessories like hats or barn doors that would also...
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    Latency issues with qlab

    Having a qlab nightmare!! For a show I have to run qlab to 3 separate projectors. At times they have to play the same video simultaneously but what I’m discovering is that they run way out of time with the video beginning in sync with sound and then quickly coming out to the point where it...
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    3 different size screens with Qlab 3

    Hello! I need to project onto 3 different sized screens (or at the very least one centrally bigger than the outer two). I need to use Qlab 3 for this and was thinking to use a TripleHead2Go but Qlab are suggesting that in this case all the screens would have to be the same size. Does anyone...