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    High School Student- Looking For More Info About Lighting As A Career

    Well I'm not 18, I turn 26 in august :D... but I understand what you mean. There isn't anything I can find, or have found, that I love as much as theatre. I'm just used to the last couple of years in the military there is a yes and a no and those are the only answers you find. Everything was...
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    High School Student- Looking For More Info About Lighting As A Career

    So here is my issue... I lurk a bit more than I post so I read quite a lot of these threads. They seem to do nothing but confuse me when it comes to "i wanna to theatre tech... do i major in theatre or not". half of you have good things to say, the other half say the complete opposite. So my...
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    Hello Benji! Welcome to CB! Please enjoy your stay.
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    Hello to Everyone.....

    Welcome to CB!!! Glad to see another lover of the audio world. What company do you work for - if you dont mind my asking?
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    Howdy All!

    Hello and welcome to CB! I too was having issues with "am i making the right choice" until I found this place. The people here are wonderful, helping, and reassuring. So you go to University of Tenn?
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    The Top 10 Most Performed Plays & Musicals in High Schools

    My high school did perform a few of these but I would have to say shows that should go on that list Death By Chocolate Harvey and South Pacific West Side Story Anything Goes Guys and Dolls the reason I say these is because when I was in high school/part of college (2000-2006ish) there were a...
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    New High School Teacher searching for answers in the Booth.

    well in my short few years in the theater I have come across very excellent educators who are quite motivating and inspirational. When I originally started college a few years back I wanted to be a music teacher, and now that I'm going back to college with theater in mind I always thought...
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    Michigan TechFest, April 26-27, 2012

    i hope im back in michigan in time for this!!!!!!!!
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    Hello everybody!

    there seems to be a rush of Cali students on the boards lately... welcome!
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    New High School Teacher searching for answers in the Booth.

    welcome to the booth! as you seem to have question you want answered, i have questions for you that i would like answered! :D do you enjoy teaching high school theatre?
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    NEW TO THE BOOTH! And in need of PLENTY of help!

    welcome to CB! im not big on lights right now but im sure i can help you in a few months once I get back into the swing of things. you should check out the lighting and electronics forums that can be found here.
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    New to the booth!

    Welcome to CB!!!
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    Hello Everyone!

    im quite jealous that your HS has a blackbox. Welcome to CB!
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello and welcome to CB! Im new to and will be nice to you so long as you arent a buckeyes fan :D just kidding.