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    Control/Dimming obey 40 dmx controller

    hi all new to this but we have an obey 40,stratos spot&wash,lanta quasar micro g50 laser and 2lantaorion link straight led bars My problem is that i can get the stratos to be controlled by the obey 40 on fixture 1 but cannot get any control of the lanta equipment, can anyone help please? martin
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    hi all im looking at buying full range cabs but have come across different ratings for each product, so what is the difference between continuous/music/peak please?
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    crossover choice

    hi all, looking at a couple of passive crossovers but cant decide which to use to separate by bass cabs and my mid/tops, they cross over at 1.6kHz and 3.5kHz, any suggestions o which would be best??
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    hi just found out the hy sys bass units contain skytronic models 902439 15" speakers, im sure these are dj speakers correct me if im wrong. We're just not happy with clarity in our system, the bass units seem very quiet and when a signal sent to them can seem boxy and no real thud, maybe thats...
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    all i can tell u is the bass cabs are old peavey hi sys and the tops are unknown, at the moment we run a 400+400 amp into the bass cabs and then a passive crossover into the tops, sorry i cant supply any more info:(
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    hi got bass bins and mid/top cabs and thinking of using an active crossover but what power should each amp be to power each cab???
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    Control/Dimming orion link bars and dmx

    ok as youve assumed by now this is new to me, on the bars i can set them to three channel ie d-P1 no probs there but how do i address them at 166 and 177? these units belong to someone else in the band but im the one being left to sort it out!
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    Control/Dimming orion link bars and dmx

    Recently bought a chauvet obey 40 dmx controller No problems with my cans and laser but i have 2 lanta orion link straight led bars which i cannot get to work with the controller, has anyone any clues as to how to connect them/settings etc??