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    Suggested Terms (not Topics. Entries requiring more than a simple definition should be placed in the Collaborative Articles section.) Pictures are always helpful (be sure to credit the source). "See also this website for more information.&am...
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    How well do you know your connectors?

    Imagine a snake with both ends fitted with those dual gender XLRs? Depending on the show I'm doing I can have anywhere from 1 to 12+ returns from the board, and often have to resort to gender benders to "reverse" inputs to facilitate this when I run out of normal returns. My addition to...
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    I would echo what Kevin said and add that if you are obviously having fun, other people will see that and want to have fun too. Beggars can't always be choosers, so you may have to let new help do the "fun jobs" while you do the less glamorous jobs, at least part of the time. Of course this is...
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    Blue forms ?

    This is what we use for technical stuff: WPI Lens and Lights There's a seperate form for catering and Facilities (for tables/chairs/etc...). Most of the important stuff is hashed out in person in subsiquent meetings.
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    What's your style?

    Re: Whats your style Even with the introduction of a Yamaha LS9 to our inventory this year, I still tend to manually mute/unmute things. With sets of effects channels, I'll mute the group / VCA, but otherwise generally not. Yamaha's "ON" light is the single worst thing about the LS 9...
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    Auction Sound in Gymnasium

    Ya, more info would certainly be useful. If you have a buch of speakers that you can spread out across the room, so each of the fires at a lower volume that could be ideal. if this is not an option, as was mentioned, getting the speakers above people's heads is a good idea. Taking this a...
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    Black Art

    To bring out another aspect of this issue; this gets even more complecated when $ becomes involved. The college production club I work with charges for our services depending on the size of the required rig and how complecated it is. Educating people about what is involved with making things...
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    Overheard Today

    You are actually both right.... the older style Mac power supplies do not have the ground connected (plastic post), the newer ones have the metal post that serves as a ground. The other annoying thing about Mac power supplies is that there are different supplies with different ratings that all...
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    Adapter Kit?

    I dont have much time right now, but I think Mic Level and Line Level wiki pages need to be made. Basicly, there are three different levels of signal: Mic Level, Profesional Line Level, and Consumer Line level. They are all slightly different, but *sometimes* you can overlap them and make up...
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    Adapter Kit?

    It really just looks like a pile of Radio shack parts... which isnt necessaraly a bad thing. I would go through and price each of the pieces at radio shack or the equivalent and see how the price lines up. I have a kit that I cary in my backback and it's basicly never let me down. Its...