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    Too Young for Summer Stock??

    I have worked for a summer stock company for the last four years, and each summer we have ranged from 1 to 4 interns, in various positions. Some of them have been under 18, while that creates problems, such as amount of available work hours, DO NOT let that stop you from applying anywhere and...
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    In need of a good book or two

    I agree with Les's suggestion of the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook, there is no other book that goes as in depth with detail as it does. Though, having read it, it is a very dry and technical book that can be very difficult to get through and understand without a strong basic knowledge of...
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    RENT Pre show

    Judging by the fact that you are doing RENT a Rock Opera type of show, Im guessing that you do not have a live "orchestra" as the show is basically a rock concert. So if I was designing the show, I would talk to the band about perhaps jamming a bit before the show, up to about 5 minutes to...