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    5 Pin Microphone lead, PTT...

    No need to over-engineer this here, for all we know why couldn't it be a passive system? Five pin XLR, three for the normal mic operation, and two for the audio in which is then internally switched out through the mic output into the OEM designed head unit. Not sure how well that would...
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    winamp: Linux?

    Didn't realise that anybody still used Winamp!!!!
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    Mirror Ball Rotator

    I remember this topic was discussed a while ago. LSC Lighting Systems had a really good technical newsletter on this very issue, however I cannot seem to access it now.
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    Hey, I thought we could share pictures of our shows...

    I haven't been on this forum for a little while, but it's great to see this thread still going strong. Guys, your work is amazing!
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    Hello all, mysterious broken instrument!

    The inputs on the back will be for music. I have a similar fixture which, once turned on, revolves and then stops until it receives music input via a stereo jack. Hope this helps. To test this, try hooking a CD player or an electric piano up to it and see if it starts revolving. Often...
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    light bulb still glows when dimmer fully off

    This article from LSC Lighting Systems might be a help to you: Dimmers - Aren't they all the same ?? - LSC Discussion Forum
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    LSC Axiom 36

    Pull it apart, clean it, spray some electrical contact cleaner around and I'll bet it'll come back strong. We had been using a LSC Focal with Master Wing from 1972 which is still going, although it needs a good pull-apart. We also have, still going strong, a LSC Precept (LSC's first...
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    Video playing software - multi display

    There is a program called Presenter which I have never used but is much touted around here: Discovery Systems :: Presenter 4 Overview
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    ip camera to composite

    What would really help us here would be to know the brand of the thing itself. We have an IP camera which we bought because of its superior quality and 26x optical zoom. It has a separate breakout box which allows us to connect it to a video input.
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    Control/Dimming DMX Problem

    I'd say you have a wiring problem somewhere definitely. Consoles that output at the full DMX refresh rate can really expose problems in older building wiring that don't cause trouble with (normally older) control boards that don't refresh at the full rate. That's why people buy fancy new...
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    Anyone familiar with the MAC 250 - MAC 600?

    MAC 550s are duds. I've used MAC 250s especially the older MAC 250+ with great success, they are a brilliant little fixture.
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    Design Issues and Solutions Rubbish install; any advice?

    You're not using any "difficult loads" like a pinspot or anything, are you?
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    What's in your rack?

    dbx driverack Yamaha analogue EQ 5-disc DVD changer Minidisc Monitors amplifier 3x amplifiers can't remember the name off the top of my head!
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    Wireless What Wireless Do You Use?

    Shure ULX - SM58 Wireless h/h Shure UT - SM58 Wireless h/h and beltpacks with WH20 and WH30 headsets Sennheiser something-or-other
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    Putting gels in cyc

    I redid the gels in my cycs recently and they burned through very quickly and the lights started blowing regularly. So obviously they were getting too hot or something - perhaps the gel I was using wasn't letting all that much light through.