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    color mixing help!

    Have you thought about setting up a small lightlab?
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    Welcome, I just graduated from a NEO school for theater tech. This place is a wealth of information. Good luck!
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    Voltage: US, Europe

    The 120V is not the maximum. It's what's specified that's what the TV uses. If you plugged it into (again in magically chaotic electricity ville here) a 30 V outlet The TV would need a transformer to step up the voltage to make the tv's electronics function correctly.I think what you're...
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    Uplighting & Conventional PARs

    re: Uplighting & Conventional PARsI know you're trying to do uplighting, but from how far away are we talking? lighting people standing on a riser? Are you lighting curtains from the floor? Are you hitting banners from the ground? Do you just need to wash something in light or do you need...
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    Testing the voltage output of House Lights

    PM sent. I can just come by and show you sometime next week.
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    VW Floor and Lights Refuse to Render

    What version VW?
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    College Selection

    Go big. It'll prepare you for the real world, the more competition and diversity you see will become part of you and help you become a versatile grounded tech who can deal with large scale shows. This will also always keep you working with different people and those are great connections to...
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    Forget about LED moving heads

    Very interesting...thank you for posting!
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    CB mixers at USITT '09

    UPDATE on the USITT frontD-funk and I dined on fine caviar and champagne today. :)Tomorrow I'm thinking of hitting the floor right when it opens...I am gonna attend Lighting Design around the world (Duke 231 @ 12:15-1:35) OR Resume Building (duke 260) Then I am having lunch. Then...
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    CB mixers at USITT '09

    Yea, I'll be rocking out my first USITT in the Queen City.And while I'm glad it's nearby, and I can just stay in my house I would've much rather seen it in Denver or someplace that doesn't have notoriously hideous downtown driving conditions.I'm going to be making a run with all my KSU...
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    College and University help needed

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    Control/Dimming SmartSoft v2.0 released!

    Sadly it requires mac 10.5 to launch the setup...and I've got the 10.4.11...le sigh...
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    Putting A Face To The Name is me out in CO...I think it was the last thing we found in some nasty room, and I was sad that we didn't get to clean anymore :rolleyes:AAAAND...this is a tattoo I got at the end of this summer...
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    CC Liquid light effect -- LED

    I really doubt that an LED based fixture will be able to project any texture...they just aren't there yet...maybe like an LED wall...could create that effect but that requires media server etc...
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    CC Liquid light effect -- LED

    like...LEDS lighting the water? or LEDs projecting a water type ripple? or do you mean like the 60s oil projections?