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    Control/Dimming Colortran Take Control Module Information

    Hi. Sorry I'm late to the party (way late). Even if this doesn't help the Original Poster, it may prove useful for someone searching for this information. I used to work for Colortran back in the late 1980s. The Take Control module does just that, lets you take control. Press the take control...
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    Exploding Tape in a Tape Recorder

    Except for a very few, "Please dispose of this tape in the usual manner," the tape always self destructed in five seconds. I watched closely every week to figure out what the trigger or mechanism was. Was there a sensor or switch that sensed the end of the tape? Was it Jim Phelps turning the...
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    Backstage Rigging Accident Injures Student, 17

    And do NOT try to stop a runaway, EVER!
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    Backstage Rigging Accident Injures Student, 17

    TARPON SPRINGS, FL - A 17-year-old student at East Lake High School here sustained a head injury April 14 while dismantling a set for a production of Peter Pan. The student had been reportedly hoisted more than 30 feet in the air in a rigging malfunction and his head struck an object on the way...
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    Philips Selecon Recalls Four- and Eight-Leaf Barndoors for Rama Luminaire Stage Lights Due to Impact

    Philips Selecon Recalls Four- and Eight-Leaf Barndoors for Rama Luminaire Stage Lights Due to Impact Hazard Consumers should stop using this product unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product. The heat of the stage lights can make the...
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    Deadly blast at Iran war film shoot

    At least five people have been killed and several seriously hurt in Iran in an explosion at a filming location. The blast happened some 35km (21 miles) south of the capital Tehran, as explosives were being transported to a shoot on the Iraq-Iran war (1980-1988). The head of special effects...
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    Actor ‘fine’ after ‘explosion’ involving hairspray on stage at Theatre Royal Brighton

    An actor rushed from the stage during a major theatre production after apparently suffering a facial injury following an “explosion”. Richard Grieve suffered the injury during the closing minutes of a matinee performance of Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Theatre Royal Brighton on Sunday...
  8. stitch-in-the-ditch

    This means to sew (at least in quilting) on the seam, and requires the two pieces of fabric that meet at that seam to be pressed to one side beforehand. If you fold each piece of fabric back on itself,Stitch-in-the-Ditchwill not work.
  9. sidetone

    Most wired headsets (like the ones we use) take the signal (your voice) from the microphone, amplify it, and place it on the audio line that's connected to all headsets. The same headset then takes the same signal from the audio line, amplifie...
  10. Wall of Sound

    Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound" was created by having several musicians play the same part in unison (for example: five lead guitars instead of one), and running the signal through an echo chamber as well. Mr. Spector would ta...
  11. Cyc

    Shortened form ofcyclorama.
  12. IGBT

    An Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) is basically a solid-state electronic switch with no moving parts (like SCRs and Triacs). However, unlike SCR's and Triacs, it can turn OFF as well as ON when current is flowing, and also create a ti...
  13. Paper the House

    Give out free tickets to seats "uniformly scattered" all throughout the house for a particular performance. The idea is to make the house look like it has more paying patrons than it does.
  14. Desk

    A lighting control console (also called a light board or lightboard) like the Expression 3 or Hog 500.
  15. Go Up

    Forget your lines during a performance (or for a techie, forget what you're supposed to do next). Mostly this is used for actors as in "He went up during act one and we lost two pages (of script that got skipped over when he started u...