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    How did they do this?

    I see the spill in that video - it is still a fantastic effect. Soooo, software to tailor the image to the rough shape of the outfit?
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    How did they do this?

    Yikes, I is a projection. Fancy.
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    How did they do this?

    It's an LED dress. Patterns and lights are inside the dress and there's a wireless controller for the images/shapes.Similar to:Closeup of the dress: bars in the back are an LED screen. You can see the array gaps when the effect changes...
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    Microphones Too Close To Sound Good?

    ^^^ This is the simplest solution if you don't have time to fiddle around. If the two individuals are face to face, easiest thing to do is lower the mic on the shorter actor as she/he would be looking up at the taller person, and the taller person's mouth won't be talking directly into the...
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    New Chavuet LED Fixtures

    Called a dealer today and the 165WW is $1819.99 and the 190WW is $2099.99. No pricing on cyc lights yet. Does that sound right?
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    Murphy bed for "Drowsy Chaperone?"

    Re: Favorite FOH console for live sound festival applicationsBuild the bed, hinge it in the wall recess, and for when it flips up at the end of the number (if that's how you're choreographing it, we just had a housekeeper flip the bed into the wall with the chaperone and adalpho on it, adalpho...
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    LED Stage Markers

    Not to jack the thread, but expand upon the EL wire.How do you use it in your space? I was searching around their website and got the idea of a channel routed out in the stage floor where the wire could lay. Does it lay straight easily? I figure if I went this route, some kind of clear...
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    Device to scan and display RF in an area?

    Have you done anything in house to troubleshoot these issues? Tried switching to a different frequency on the receivers just for giggles? How consistent is it? Is it every wireless device or just a couple or combination dropping out while others work fine? Have you run a check through...
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    Wireless Purchase info for Antenna Distro for Shure SLX4 J3/H5 (12 receivers)

    Completely agreed. Start simply, like mbenois said, and have a check of the frequencies in your zip code. My guess is an intermod problem. Let's see if you can't solve the problem before trying to move your rack 8' higher :mrgreen:
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    Inexpensive Movers

    I second the q-spot 260's. We run a couple in our theater - modified for interchangable gels. Great budget light. A little on the louder side with their fans but no big deal.What is the function you're going for? What kind of venue?
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    Education in the Audio Field

    Another place to look is in the Mass Comm. department of schools if they aren't big enough to offer a dedicated theater program or an audio engineering program. They generally house the audio production, engineering, and broadcast aspects that you might be interested in. If you choose that, you...
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    Wireless Sennheiser Wall Worts: Linear or Switching?

    We ran 20 ew100 G3's with the power supplies all patched into power distro in the same rack before switching to NT/ASA1's. If you ever have a problem with the power adapters, you can always switch to Sennheiser NT/ASA1 power supplies/antenna distro. The ASA's are 1/2 racks and can supply power...