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    DMX over dimmer wiring

    False.Shielding from 120VAC lines running through the same conduit might be an issue, but that has nothing to do with level shifting. 485 is really flexible and has been used effectively over longer length of much worse cable.
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    Melting Neutral Wire Connection- 2k Fresnels

    What gauge and temp rating is the cable? Is it possible someone before you replaced the tails with underrated wire?
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    DMX over dimmer wiring

    The cheap and easy way would be to find a fixture that will return to it's previous levels on power up and just use the power on/off to control the lights. You would be sacrificing a lot in terms of dimming and changing levels, but it comes at a convenient price.Otherwise, if pulling DMX is...
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    Ultra short throw .25:1 projector doesn't exist

    A company I toured with owns a gigantic mirror for when they come across this problem in smaller European theaters. It was big and awkward and a large sheet of glass is rarely a good idea in theatre, but it survived in the trucks so with some precautions one could probably survive in a permanent...
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    Mechanics of pivoting walls

    Whats to prevent you from taking two sets of normal heavy duty hinges and welding them together like a large unsprung saloon door hinge? Jig it up so everything is square while you weld and I would think you'd be off to the races for a pretty reasonable price.
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    Getting staff to explain expectations

    For these types of situations I usually find it easiest to have the customer envision the actual events they are going to do in the space and work backwards towards technical needs. This gives them a concrete idea of what you're asking. "How many microphones would you like to have?" might mean...
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    New(ish) to CB; New(ish) to the road.

    My advice for tour is always to bring less than you think you need. If something is really that important you can buy it once you get there. Paying for something twice is way better than lugging around a suitcase full of crap you never use.That and don't be afraid to jump into someone else's...
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    Theatrical Term Translations

    That was largely my experiance as well. The promoters I worked with had a tenancy to hire local university students that were studying English as translators. They generally knew both languages, but had no idea how theatre worked. I would tell them to just translate everything as strictly as...
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    Theatrical Term Translations

    I ran across an interesting piece of software called Digital Theatre Words. In the applications they have just under 2000 terms translated into 18 different languages including English, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, French, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese. I believe the point of the endeavor is that...
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    Truss Loading Charts with Multiple Motors

    If you can get a hold of Harry Donovan's book Entertainment Rigging: A Practical Guide he goes over these kinds of loading situations pretty thoroughly. The book still isn't cheap to buy (although worth it every penny), but ask around it's common and someone might loan you a copy.
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    NSI/Leviton DDS-6000-20 question

    Those shoe box dimmers usually fail at the Triac. They're easy to solder and cheap to replace. You might look at that and see if you could get both back for just a few bucks in components.If that didn't work and I was the technician working on this I would just plug the boards in and see if...
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    Destructive testing.

    I've used rigging components made in the US, Europe, and Asia. As a general rule if you pay what it's worth you'll get what you expect. Things that seem be too good to be true usually are. If you don't think anyone outside the US can make a quality product consistently you'll severely limiting...
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    Destructive testing.

    Might be a difference of terminology on opposite sides on the pond, but for all the rigging I've dealt with (purchased in the US) MBS meant minimum breaking strength not mean. I always assumed this allowed the manufacture to apply their own design factor between the worst performing unit in...
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    Destructive testing.

    That poor SWR thimble. YOU MONSTER.I love it.
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    I have no words.....

    I'm assuming this cable came off a touring unit. If not, disregard everything I say.I've seem this exact 5 conductor cable used all over for self-powered audio rigs and for various other 3 phase set pieces that need less than 100A. Right, wrong, or otherwise it's a very common practice. While...