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    Best bare copper cable for Phoenix connectors?

    Ah, okay, that makes a lot of sense! I was wondering why I was having such a hard time finding something. I will go with the 9451, I found a better price on it. Thank you so much, this is super helpful!
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    Best bare copper cable for Phoenix connectors?

    Hi all,I'm trying to find a bare copper conductor equivalent of Belden 9451 for an amp install that uses Phoenix connectors. I know you're not supposed to use tinned copper in those, so I want to find something else, but I still want the quality and reliability of 9451 or an equivalent from...
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    Anyone have any experience with TomCom systems?

    Pro Intercoms was the next on my list! I've used there stuff in the field a few times and was very impressed, and its good to know they have a good support team; I'll definitely look into them!
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    Anyone have any experience with TomCom systems?

    I'm looking into purchasing a new intercom system for my school and I am trying to keep the cost down. I stumbled upon T.H.E. Company's TomCom intercom system and saw that the price was very reasonable. Has anyone had any experience using them before and have thoughts on their...
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    Folding Soft Goods with Fullness

    Hi all,I was wondering if anyone has some pointers on folding soft goods that have fullness, specifically traveler panels. I know the standard 3-4 top to bottom folds and then fold in towards center for both sides, but I've had trouble in the past keeping soft goods with fullness neat because...
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    Telrad sight for Source4 Spot Kit

    Is there a proper way/place to attach a Telrad sight to a Source4 Spotlight kit with a 10deg lens on it? I can't really find a good mounting place on the unit and my spot ops are having trouble with pick ups, so they definitely need the sights. Thanks in advance!
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    Labeling Mic Elements

    Thanks all for the advice! I'm gonna give these methods a try!
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    Labeling Mic Elements

    Hi all,I am curious of your opinions about the best way to label lav elements. I purchased some new Countryman B3 elements and I want to tag them with a number (1, 2, etc.) as well as something that identifies them as our school's property. I thought maybe writing on a Hellermann sleeve with...
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    How to number seats on the orchestra pit

    Hello!I am curious about what the standard convention in venues is to number removable seats that are placed in/on the orchestra pit when it is not in use. I always thought the row in front of Row A was Row AA, then the row in front of that was Row BB, etc, essentially mirroring the fixed...
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    Commercial Driver's License

    Hey all,I am a 20 year old Theatre Technology & Design student. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on getting a commercial driver's license; is it worth having? Even if I'm not planning on solely driving trucks, is it something that would be useful in my line of work?Thanks in...
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    Bag for a Tech Kit

    I have a tech kit that I carry with me to all of my shows and gigs; I have tape, wrenches, testers, connectors, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I have been using regular old school backpacks, but I am looking to upgrade to a larger bag that can fit all of my stuff well. Does anyone have a...
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    ETC Ion Keycaps for XKeys MWII

    Hey everybody, I recently bought an XKeys MWII/Professional as a keyboard for my ETC Nomad, but I am not a fan of the keys that are included with the MWII. I have been shopping around for a full keycap set, but everywhere I have looked, the set is upwards of $100. Does anyone know where I can...
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    Wireless Router for Yamaha LS9

    Thanks! This helps a lot!
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    Wireless Router for Yamaha LS9

    I am mixing on a Yamaha LS9-32 in a few weeks and I want to set up the wireless network so I can use StageMix. While I know how to set up the network and how the app works, I do not know what kind of router to get. My director doesn't want to spend too much money, but I don't want to get a bad...
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    Clear-Com vs. Walkie Talkies

    Hi, The theatre I work at is considering purchasing/installing a form of communication for our crew. I was wondering about the pros and cons of installing a ClearCom system over using walkie talkies and vice versa. Which is the cheapest option? Which would be the best option for a school...