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    Support and Share my Costume Rigging Book Campaign!!

    Finally the Costume Rigging Book I've been threatening to write for years! Please share and join my Costume Rigging Blog and Group on Facebook for more help with rigging!!
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    How to costume rig a button down garment for quick change
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    Bacchanal Carnival Looking for help

    I just finished work on the inaugural MC costume for "Bacchanal Carnival" a Rock Operetta about Everyman, at Winfield Murdock Creative Works in Orlando, FL. Here's my blog about the show and its costumes...
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    Quick Change

    Email me if you'd like and we can work on expediting this, I may also be able to give you some leads on people who'd be willing to teach a class on costume rigging. I actually used to live in Hot Springs.
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    Quick Change

    Costume Rigging is definitely a secret society. I am a Costume Rigging Expert, A List Concert Tour Wardrobe Seamstress, Designer and Costume Fabrications Specialist at Universal Theme Parks. I have also worked for many years on Theater Costumes, rigging them for Quick Change. I am in the process...