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    Design Issues and Solutions Running G40-bulb-style string lights on a battery

    Hi all, A show I'm working on wants "makeup-mirrors," ringed by lightbulbs, on vanities that move around onstage during scenes. The pre-made led-on-a-battery-pack options I have presented have been vetoed, so I'm looking at powering a short string of globe lights off of a 12v battery. A cursory...
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    Replacing the floppy drive in an ETC Express

    Apparently I don't have permission on this company computer to access "Computer Management," so I can't really get into disk management. I can try it again later, when I'm back with my own personal computer. Thanks!
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    Replacing the floppy drive in an ETC Express

    Update: I found a smaller usb stick (958 MB) and formatted it on my pc. I stuck it in the board, formatted it successfully, saved a couple of bs cues onto it. No problem so far. Cleared the show, read from disk, and everything is peachy. However, when I take the stick out of the board while the...
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    Replacing the floppy drive in an ETC Express

    We had an Express that was having some trouble with its disk drive. My boss purchased this floppy-drive emulator: This afternoon he installed it. So far, we've managed to "format" and "write all to disk," but are unable to "read...
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    Coloram Calibration Trouble

    I'm having an issue calibrating Coloram scrollers on an ETC Ion. I am familiar with the calibration process, but the scrolls are so far off that when I attempt to calibrate them, they are automatically assigned to the frame previous. For example, Frame 4 displays what is actually frame 6. When I...
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    Wybron Forerunner data indicator: what does it mean?

    About five minutes before tech stated last night, one of my Forerunners decided to quit responding. I've gone through all the usual trouble shooting, but even with a direct feed from the power supply and a new address, I can't get him running. The odd thing: the data indicator light on the...
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    Portable dimmer power switch off- lights stay on

    Hey all, I'm working in a space with a bunch of Leviton D4DMX-MD5 packs. They're the sort with breaker switches instead of fuses. Yesterday, a lamp blew and it tripped the breaker on the pack. I replaced the lamp, reset the breaker, and plugged the unit back it. Now it's just on all the time...
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    Running a hazer via DMX relay

    Figured it out! Thanks for your help!
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    Running a hazer via DMX relay

    New ME in a new space here. So I've got a hazer tucked up all nice in this grid. It's receiving non-dim power at present, but was previously run (for a long time as I understand) on dimmable power. When it broke at the end of last season, Barbizon suggested running it via a DMX relay instead of...