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    Best Cyc Light

    I would say if you can afford it go for Strand Iris otherwise Coda. Nice even coverage and bright.
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    dimmable florescents

    Look at this website: You will find a produkt called VIP90 ( ) The site is in german though. These are the best option I have seen around. You can use it in standard fluorescent fittings like for 1m20 tubes and use standard tubes nothing...
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    strand lighting ???

    There are problems on a 520 when you do not put the right bulbs in the desklights (brigther ones) this will blow the fuse apparently Im told.
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    Diffusion Gels?

    Lee seems to be making something like that now in the 700 series, I will see this week how it works. 720 Durham Daylight Frost Durham frost with daylight (Full CT Blue)
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    As for a manual you need the following page on Strand: in this page you will find an operators manual, which is a short sometimes unclear version, but there is also a full manual, with everything in it. For those not understanding x-fader, it is...
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    What I find very usefull is a headlamp. The ones with led's are great. Next to it a larger torch a rechargeble mag or streamlight for looking up in rig for example. Arjen