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    Floating Masonite Subfloor

    I've cruised the forums and seen the threads about a (semi) permanent masonite floor solution and even the temporary cross hatched type design with maso and OSB. These aren't exactly what I'm looking for. I'm working on a show with an air caster powered revolve and need to play masonite down...
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    Painting Curtains

    Not sure how many painters we have here on CB but I need directed to something online or some instructions from one of you wonderful people. I'm looking at painting "curtains" onto some flats and I'm not sure how to properly do it and the google machine has been useless so far. Thanks!
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    Guillotine - A Tale of Two Cities

    I wasn't directly involved in the building of it, but when I worked on a show requiring one, the blade was lauan and it slid inside a track that had a stop inside the rails so that the blade could only fall so far. It worked because we hit a blackout as soon as the blade fell. If you need to see...
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    Why hello there!

    Hey everyone. I've been creeping around CB for a few months now and figured I'd take the plunge into membership. I graduated from college last year and took a job as a technical director in a high school. I hope that I'll be able to help and be helped in the times to come.
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    New Take on the Old Revolve Question

    I'm about to go and post on the new member forum but I wanted to get some input on a design question I'm trying to work through. I've gone through pretty much all of the old threads on revolves and didn't find an answer for what I'm thinking about. I found a series of single wheel drive motors...