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    Source Four Help and Light Tree

    Sacramento Theatrical Lighting is my local rental house. Their 66 lbs. bases are used in the IA houses, often with a 10 ft. upright. Between Lags into the floor, and tying off to the grid I've never seen one fall, and they are much more convenient than any other style I have used
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    my high school needs more student techs!

    My beginning acting class had the teacher ask if anyone wanted to run the light board for the next show. That's all it took for me.
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    Disney professional Entertainment tech internship

    A decent tech can get a job straight out of school. I got paid for tech work while I was in high school, both for the school and professionally. never saw the point in an internship, when I got paid to do it while learning. A Costume shop manager I used to work with had nothing but great things...
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    retractable stairs

    See if you can alter these drawings/ designs to be applicable to your needs: Patent US3157916 - LOCKING MECHANISM FOR COLLAPSIBLE BLEACHER - Google Patents Patent US4363197 - Adjustable support rollaway bleacher - Google Patents
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    Best metallic paint

    Most scenic artists I know use Rust-oleum metallic paints for the LORT houses
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    Messing with the noobs

    I managed to get a crew member to spend 20 minutes looking through a small storage container for multi-hued paint. It has to be there- look again. Bless him. Not until 4 of my other guys were standing with me watching him that he finally looked up and realized we were having him on. PS. If at...
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    How can I make movable trees for a cover then background?

    Are you looking for 2D or 3D trees? 2D is relatively simple. Muslin or 1/4" Luaun over a steel frame on narrow wagons. And a good Scenic Artist.