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    Mystery Lamp Found in Stock

    Just put it beside a GLA and though they are similar in the bi-pins the filaments are still quite different. I've included an image of the two side by side (metal housed ceramic is the GLA). No one at the company here knows where they came from, nor are they in our records with Quickbooks (as...
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    Mystery Lamp Found in Stock

    Yeah its quite strange the pins are basically the same as most bi-pins. However I spent the an hour comparing the filament to the rest of the lamps in the inventory and it is completely different. The glass on the lamp is also quite larger than say an HPL575 or FLK or GLAs. Hopefully someone...
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    Mystery Lamp Found in Stock

    Hi there, while doing an inventory of our lamps, I found three lamps with not that much information. On the box there are marked as a halogen 120V 575W. That is all the information that is provided. I'll post some pics of the fixture itself to see if anyone has any suggestions on what...
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    Help. Instant replay of live footage?

    Yeah, I came upon the Newtek Tricaster and the instant replay add-on. We have some contacts that we can hit up, just had to find the gear's name before we started asking for it. Thanks once again.
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    Help. Instant replay of live footage?

    Hi I'm filming a show where we need to basically do an instant replay of the stuff we are shooting and then go back to the live feed. I'm just wondering what type of equipment we would need to do something like this. Larger budgeted company, so we are pricing things out first before the event...
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    So you think you can dance?

    I've actually been watching the show for the past 3 seasons for the lighting design. And I must say that this year has been most definitely the laziest excuse for a "lighting design" for them yet. It has mainly been area lighting and then toss the spotlights on them. "Who cares what a...
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    Control/Dimming Help me ASAP...ETC Express 250 A/B fader

    Okay, real quick question. Doing a student one act festival. I have a group that has programmed cues, however due to the amount of time they have to do their tech run, they did not have time to program the time in for the cues. **** director's who were way too anal about every cue for just an...
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    HELP, info needed: LED star backdrop (scrim material)

    Hi there, I just finished sitting down with our designer for our show of Transit of Venus, in a black box space. One of her ideas is to have small lights giving a star effect, behind a sharktooth scrim material (there are several rectangular frames, which she wants to do this to). The main...
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    Live Earth Concerts: a little hypocritical, but a hope for the future of LED lighting

    I was reading up on the news today, and I stumbled across an article about the Live Earth concerts. At first thought, I believed that what their points that they were trying to get across would seem hypocritical, due to the amount of energy that it requires to put on a huge concert. So I...