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    Darkness in a venue (church, theatre)

    All sounds sensible to me. I think Environmental Lights has everything you need. But if you want it to be wireless... then come talk to me, I've got little boxes that go between the power supply and the LEDs and take care of everything else, DMX controlled.
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    Darkness in a venue (church, theatre)

    Wireless control might be helpful, but I'm not sure. Power is the challenge. Batteries are generally not the answer for installation work unless coupled with wireless recharge -- like solar -- and that's not feasible in this situation. I like the LED tape idea. Use good quality 24V tape that...
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    DMX Start Code - a cautionary tale for casual DMX users

    The important message in this thread is that RC4 products (and all other devices compliant with the DMX specifications) do NOT treat non-zero start-code packets as channel level data. In our current implementation, RC4Magic systems do not wirelessly transmit non-zero start codes. The...
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    Seeking Portable LED Rig Advice

    Check out our long-range 900MHz wireless stuff, RC4Magic-900. You might only benefit from wireless transceivers to start, or you might like the tiny dimmers we make for props, costumes, and scenery. Many of our customers use this system for controlling fixture in the lobby, even outside. Of...
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    Need help!

    Hey @taneglaus — if you ever face a problem again that would benefit from wireless DMX, let me know. I’m happy to provide something that actually works. I also have loaner and rental stock on hand if you want to evaluate on-site. Just as a bad cable doesn’t mean all cables are bad, one poor...
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    ACTION ALERT: Light your building up RED for RedAlertRESTART on Sept. 1st from 9pm-Midnight

    This is sort of a chicken/egg problem. Your point is reasonable — that a theatre lit up red will do nothing — but I counter that politicians don’t care about things they don’t know about and don’t feel threatened by. The awareness that can be raised by lighting *many* theatres, prop shops...
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    How to wire a 12v LED to 120V Dimmer

    If you have the budget to order a DMX-controllable 12V LED driver, that’s probably easier than reworking the piece to be 120V. Do you already have a piece built with 12V LEDs in it? If so, the wiring and general construction is probably not suitable for 120V operation, from a safety...
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    Wireless DMX Survey

    You can use the Leviton DMX converter: And then use wireless DMX into the converter. A great choice for this would be the RC4Magic-900 system: Of course, I’m kinda biased... But then, I designed it, so I know it works really, really...
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    DMX vs Cat6

    Talk to me about wireless DMX. I’ve been doing this for 30 years. There’s nothing to be afraid of, you just need the right system for your needs and venue. Lifetime Warranty, too! Jim [email protected]
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    Design Issues and Solutions Need Advice Creating Battery Operated Candelabras

    Tell us more. Tell the world. We all need more options for flicker units. Message me directly as well, [email protected] I want some! Jim
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    Design Issues and Solutions Need Advice Creating Battery Operated Candelabras

    Since you have very little space, I strongly recommend using an LED flicker, rather than incandescent. This reduces the size of battery you’ll need, and that’s going to be the biggest piece. The LED version is here:
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    Powering LED Tape

    Lots of great info in this thread! I’ll add that well designed LED drivers, including wireless ones like we make at RC4, don’t draw much power, but they do draw power all the time, which is often the entire length of the show. In most cases the load from the LEDs, motors, or lamps far...
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    Wireless Light For Special Effect

    We have exactly what you need. For purchase, or rent just for the time you need. :) Jim RC4