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    Lamps burning out like crazy!

    If it's a certain batch of fixtures only, check the sockets and the dead lamps for oxidation, arcing, loose contacts.
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    Researching Power Distro Purchase

    I read that his posting of 208VAC was a misunderstanding, nor do I read anything in post 1 or 3 which states 3 phase power. I posted a workable solution and you want to nitpick. I'm done.
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    Researching Power Distro Purchase

    Did I state this in a manner that not understandable? Three conductors plus ground, that's black, red, white and green, so it's actually 6/4 cable. You can even buy them pre-connectorized.
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    Researching Power Distro Purchase

    #6 three conductor + ground to feed the spider box, which has a CS6364 type input. What do you mean, "Which conductor....?"
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    Film noir adaption for theatre stage: Creating atmosphere

    99 produces a Sodium Vapor look when used with a Tungsten Halogen source. Not sure why anyone would suggest that gel for any other use..... CTB is typically used for what audiences accept as moonlight in film. Maybe try 1/4CTB or 1/4 + 1/8th CTB
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    Researching Power Distro Purchase

    For what you're looking for, Lex....overpriced rubber covered BS. Get your self a Leviton or CEP construction spider box and feed it with 6/3 SEOW. I've used a CEP box ([email protected] x 6 circuits) to utilize the full output of small generators, sometimes connecting through a CS connector, other...
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    History of the Parcan?

    Thanks I think I have enough information to answer the question.
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    History of the Parcan?

    Specifically the Par64 Parcan. Was asked when they first came into use and can their invention be traced back to any one company or person. I probably could find an answer in one of my lighting books, but an internet reference (if one exists) would be preferred. This is what I've found so...
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    Automated Fixtures Step up transformers for arc movers.

    Have you found the breaker for this receptacle and opened the panel? Did someone substitute a single pole where a double pole breaker was installed? Or did someone take one of the wires off the two breaker and connect it to the neutral buss? You might have a simpler/cheaper solution.
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    End of the 80's Modern lights.

    What else could an inkie be?
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    Daylight temp. lamp for a PAR64 fixture

    Sorry to have wasted so much of you guy's time, this thread has really gotten of track. I tried to keep the post simple, shoestring budget, PAR64 lamp, daylight color temperature, does it exist? I think I also posted that I was helping someone else out with their project, renting the "proper"...
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    America's Most Wanted Studio Gear for sale

    True, but there are pack and ship companies that exist that will be happy to collect your auction items and send them to you. Really a non-issue.
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    Daylight temp. lamp for a PAR64 fixture

    Ship the goal, is getting a clean, stark daylight look through a window that an HMI provides, but on a shoestring budget. Hence the initial search for the (mythical) daylight PAR64 globe and the need to have less than the 50% transmission loss through the use of color correction filters on...
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    Radial Arm Saw or Sliding Miter Saw; Which is safer for h.s. students of all ages?

    I was referring to cross-cut sleds. The blade exiting through the back of the sled fence is what scares me, even with minimal blade exposure above the wood to be cut. I'd rather have a RAS if not a sliding table, table saw.
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    Stop my wall from twisting

    How about a length of angle iron, top to bottom capping both outside corners of the wall? Bolts instead of drywall screws. Or treat the wall like the arm of a jib crane and run a tensioned cable from the top of a post at the pivot point to the top outside corner of the wall.