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    A better way to store glass patterns (gobos)

    I have just started a company called StageWright becuase I came up with a way to store and protect your glass gobos in a standard filing system. They've been patented and now I'm introducing them to the community. Visit our webpage StageWright - Home
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    Training Stage Managers

    I teach a SM class every fall and I would be glad to speak with you. PM me your info and I'll send you some of my syllabi.
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    Control/Dimming Adding a chase to a cue

    What is the training level of the operators? You said that you'll have multiple, but if they can't handle a sub then are they going to be able to handle multiple faders? You don't need a situation where both "go's" get used indiscriminately and end up with a full brightness cue overriding a...