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    Brand new Ultratec 9D Fogger Smell

    Hello, Just received 2 brand spanking new Ultratec 9D's for my LSG machines and the one we installed works great but is emitting a very burnt plastic/rubber smell. Nothing visible burning, nothing on nozzle. Very curious to know if anyone has had to "break in"a new one, if there is...
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    Adjust Lycian 1293 Iris tighter

    hey all, I have heard that you can adjust a Lycian Iris to make it smaller. There is NO info out there. Anyone have instructions? Thank you!
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    Ion inhibitive submaster updating

    Thank you, it actually worked when I updated it I just didn't see the hard "I" until I ran the fader up and down.
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    Ion inhibitive submaster updating

    I'm trying to update or rerecord an inhibitive sub to add another channel to it and it doesn't do anything.