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    Is 2.4GHz Reliable for Com?

    Hi all, we will replace our Telex UHF com system. This system has been reliable but because of its age and other factors we want to replace it. 2.4 GHz has been suggested to us. I'm resisting because I'm not convinced that 3,000 cellphones at once in our room would not cause interference. That...
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    Are There Any Android Art-Net Apps?

    Has anyone here used it? Any others out there that I missed?
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    Are There Any Android Art-Net Apps?

    Hello all, after a search, I haven't found any discussion on this recently. Does anyone know of any? Laryn
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    Wireless Telex Radiocom Wireless Headsets

    A better received signal may, or may not, indicate the polarity of the transmit antenna. That's because the signal reflects from a great many objects on it's way to you, and polarity can change unpredictably. Having said that, the antenna on the base can simply spin around the coax connector to...
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    Strand CD80 Rack

    Hi all, I am deciding on whether to upgrade, or keep a CD80 rack in service for say, another 5 years. It seems to work OK, although I've not checked all of the channels, so it may or may not have a few bad ones. It was installed in 1999. I'm not too familiar with this brand and dimmer rack, so...
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    Control/Dimming Expression 3 android control?

    Galen, we have an Expression 3 also. This may not directly answer your question, but here I use an iPhone with LightingPad. There are similar apps available for Android. In addition to the app, you'll need a simple Wifi router, and, what we use, an Enttec ODE, which outputs the DMX. You'll also...
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    Mounting Antennas

    I believe they are still legal. The antennas in the picture are badly mounted, being parallel and extremely close to the metal supports. They need, at minimum, to be roughly 90 degrees to what they are mounted on. If possible the nearest metal, at VHF, should be several feet away. They...
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    Wacky Clearcom Issues

    This could apply to any wired intercom... We once suddenly had hum and low volume on our system. We found that an XLR shell had fallen onto an up-facing com channel male XLR in a floor pocket, shorting pins together. Laryn
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    We Have Some IEM Dropouts

    Well the guitar pack is on 680 MHz and the IEM pack is (now) on 497 (was on 470). Yeah I'm definitely aware of the possibility of desense, having worked with repeaters for many years. I did some subjective testing while the IEM was getting a slightly noisy signal, and then moving the guitar pack...
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    We Have Some IEM Dropouts

    After much study and many more checks and measurements, I've found at least 7 changes I will / have made, thanks to each of the previous posts--- A. Replace the coax to the antenna with lower loss and shorter 50 ohm cable. B. I found a short/wrong antenna on the G6 split receiver. Swapped with...
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    We Have Some IEM Dropouts

    I am using an HP Agilent E8285 to do all of the measurements. We have not sent anything in. The system is relatively new, less than 2 years old, so that helps. We ran the seven transmitters into individual antennas for a time, and 6 months ago added the combiner and antenna. We had problems...
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    We Have Some IEM Dropouts

    Hello all, one of our in-ear RF channels seems to drop out more than the others. We have seven channels, using Shure PSM900 systems. They are combined with a Shure PA821A combiner through 50 ft. of RG59 tothe antenna. The measured loss of the coax (with my service monitor) is 4.5 dB. We are...
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    Cardboard Gel Frames

    Our new building install of S4s came with a number of cardboard frames, along with the normal aluminum ones. They eventually cook and warp enough, or actually turn black and fall apart at the hot spots, to fall out of the fixture. But only in the S4 PARs. The ellipsoidals don't get hot enough...
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    Can the Camplex CP-501 do PAL and NTSC?

    The manual I have is not really clear. It seems to suggest that it may be automatic. I'm looking at a unit that is doing PAL now, but I need to know what is involved with making it work with NTSC, if anything. Thanks! Laryn