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    Wireless Sennheiser v Shure

    I do community theater with several groups that use either the ULX's or 100 G2's. (I personally have two 500 G3's.) I don't think you'd go wrong with either, but I'd suggest your dad get the 100 G3's. The ULX transmitters use a 9V battery, whereas the 100 G3 uses two AA's. This gives...
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    Wireless Sennheiser Wall Worts: Linear or Switching?

    Sennheiser used to ship their EW xxx G2 & G3 receivers with a linear (transformer) wall wort. Now they are shipping them with a switching-supply version of their wall wort. Switching supplies, unless carefully designed, can radiate RFI. Anybody have experience with the Sennheiser switching...
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    Wireless mics for $600 to $700 each

    Why stay below 608 MHz? Multipath?
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    Sennheiser vs Shure Wireless Mics

    There will be anywhere from 10 to 20 units, but they will be a hodge podge of different brands & models. So the only advantage of the 300/500 computer interface would be to turn all the other units on, then scan for unused frequencies that I'd have the option of picking. With different brands...
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    Sennheiser vs Shure Wireless Mics

    bump... I'm still hoping someone has real-world experience with both the 100 & 300/500 series & can comment on their experiences with differences between them in term of interference rejection. Thanks, Alan
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    Sennheiser vs Shure Wireless Mics

    Thanks to everyone for their replies. Yes, I know about the 300 series, & that there is very little difference between the 300 & 500 -- the 500 has a few more pre-programmed frequencies. The reason I didn't list the 300 is related to the Sennheiser bundles. If you get the lav presentation...
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    Sennheiser vs Shure Wireless Mics

    I have a couple of wireless mic questions for use in community-theatre musical productions. The location is not "big city" with lots of strong TV stations, but it's not rural either. First of all, are there any "real world" differences between the Sennheiser EW100 G3 and EW500 G3 systems? I...