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    Focusing Source Four LED Ellipsoidals

    We purchased 50 LED S4 Lustr (series 2) a few years ago, and I immediately noticed the same issue regarding the flat field. To blend my front light as per our previous incadescents I did have to soft focus the LED fixtures more than I expected. I ended up using Lee 253 diffusion in all of the...
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    Control/Dimming Cobalt/Congo now legacy product

    Like others I'm extremely sad at the news of the discontinuation of Cobalt. Having used Congo from new, and upgrading to Cobalt over the years with new hardware, it's ease of use and flexibility make it an extremely good system. Sadly market support didn't seem to hit the right sweet spot with...
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    A sad state of theatre planning...

    FYI the other side of the world has these issue as well. I've been to, and worked in, many spaces that have horrendous design issues, that seem very obvious in hindsight. What we do have is the Victorian Association of Performing Arts Centres, and as tech managers, discuss this situation, and...
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    TD of High School Theatres: hourly, salary, responsibilities?

    Agreed with all of the above. ( great comments guys) I work in a local government owned venue. There's never enough staff, time or budget, to do all the things that need doing. However the important things to do in the startup stages of a venue are setting the ground work for how the future of...
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    Sit, Spot, Sit!

    I did a lot of concert followspot work, sitting in the truss over stages, in the late 80's. We used Short throw Pani's, which were more than suitable for the job. And yes we were always seated.
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    LED Moving head suggestions

    Hit JANDs up and ask them to demo some gear at your venue. It's the only real way you can be sure things work and play well together. We have 9 PR Lighting XR LED 500's. Full RGBW led movers with zoom, iris & 2 gobo wheels. They are great in our venue and would most likely be suitable for yours.
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    Boundary Microphones and footsteps?

    This is always going to be a compromise. There are no good alternatives to close micing a performer. With area micing ( choir/overhead, or floor/boundary mics ) you may be able to hear the performers but it will never sound like a handheld/headset/lavalier or other close micing solution.
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    Rhyme or reason to dimmer assignments?

    It may have been whoever designed your standard lighting plot, set it that way. Our original plot had lamps number 1-17 blues (FOH, then Overhead, then cyc), 18-35 reds (FOH, then Overhead, then cyc), 36-53 Ambers (FOH, then Overhead, then cyc). And then FOH specials were after that, then...
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    ETC Lustr 2 LED over Conventionals

    We replaced almost all our incandescent fixtures here between 2015 & 2016. We have 50 S4 Series 2 Lustrs, replacing aged S4 750watt and Strand SL's. The Series 2 are definitely brighter than the Strand SL 600 watt, but not quite as bright as the 750 S4s. We gained far more in functionality...
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    Pathway Connectivity Releases Pathscape

    Hi Rob, I have a Pathport system that was installed in 2015 ( multiple 2 port nodes, Octoport & Uno's). Is this compatible with it ? If so are there versions that I need to ensure the system is set to, for compatibility?
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    Spotlight Fatigue

    We only have 2 spots and also have the disparity in usage on each. What we do is a yearly rotation, moving spot 1 to spot 2's position & vice versa. It's not an ideal balance, but over the expected life of the spots ( 10 years?) it hopefully evens out. Colour correction gel should not affect...
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    Another greeting from Australia

    Canberra, that little place where all the "decisions" are made for the rest of the country. welcome from another Aussie. :-)
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    Ampacity of AWG 12 Cable

    Thanks for the education ! I had to look up what ampacity actually was. Being used to standard definitions of current, amperes, and capacity, this was a new word.
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    Small School Auditorium/Theatre

    What are you currently using? it may be that it can benefit from some assistance, in setup & operation, in order to sound better.
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    Design Issues and Solutions Cyc Line issues

    Welcome to the world of lighting design ! Everything is a compromise, and you sometimes have to make tough decisions between 'Vision' and 'Reality'. Take a step back and have a look at the rest of the show, and the lighting that you'll have for that. It's easy to concentrate on this one area...