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    Theatre Stage & Rigging Renovation

    Many small groups fear the cost of consultants. Instead they go to anyone willing to offer an opinion for free, or very small costs. The fiscally smart move is have a consultant advise on the best way to spend your limited funds. I often mention that hiring a consultant will save far more that...
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    How much Electric Needed to run entire Lee Colortran 96 Dimmer Rack

    This is why there are 'lock out/ tag out' procedures. If you carry the key in your pocket your pretty safe!
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    New Main Curtain Fabric

    I've done lots of Charisma as well. I read read Bill's post to fast and got Freddy Kruger drapes. Nothing good from that!
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    DMX controlled Light switch

    I've wished for such a device for years. More than one client has pointed to a bank of toggle switches or wall box dimmers and asked to put them on the console. So far it seems there isn't enough room in a single or double gang switch box for the relay and DMX electronics. The newish wireless...
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    Calling Cues. Traditionally the Stage Manager, but if a show is complex can someone else do it?

    Yup! Sub systems; spots, props, wardrobe etc. are often done alone. But there is close contact with stage management!
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    Calling Cues. Traditionally the Stage Manager, but if a show is complex can someone else do it?

    IMHO one person needs to be in immediate control of a show. Whoever is calling (overall) cues probably has the most control and should have the broadest understanding of the show. Titles are flexible, but that's a huge part of what a stage manager does.
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    New Main Curtain Fabric

    Yup, just typing, not digging deeply.
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    Electrical Knowhow [Newbie Nate’s Question of the Day]

    My rule is simple, never pass up an opportunity to learn about my industry, people in general or major issues of the world.
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    New Main Curtain Fabric

    IFR means inherently flame resistant. It's all we specify any more. Nobody seems to care if their treated drapes have long since lost their treatment. At least until a fire marshal does a test! But they will complain vigorously about the salt rings if they get wet. There are minor...
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    Sanctuary to little theatre Lighting and AV at FCC

    Welcome to CB! Sounds like you'll fit in here just fine.
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    Existing Theatre Add Ons

    That's my style too. I find multi port gateways less expensive to buy and install. But all cable is net capable! Jumper from switch to get net at the lights.
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    SmartFade Question

    There a face panel test built in. Worth a check. Best get the manual and offline software as well.
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    Colortran ENR Series 96 Issue

    Well that certainly beats my experience with the "factory." Parts sent for repairs that still misbehaved, and more. Can't get the config tools, etc. Phone support won't call back until the next day.
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    Stars appearing magically all around viewers.

    Back in the early 90s the was a fair bit of custom FO "star field" work done in high end homes, restaurants and such. I've long since lost track of the players I knew but someone is probably still doing it.
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    Stage Lighting upgrade... Thoughts on my ideas...

    Yup, exact wording matters! In fact, what you found is not exactly what I recall from a year ago, and it's tagged as edited last April. Of course they can change their policies any time. The overall message remains, it's supported.