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    High School stage lighting

    There is a lot of information we are missing: Basic Questions What is the scope of you remodel? What is your budget? What is your existing inventory (if any)? What are your long term needs? And what are the specs of your theatre space (as Les said, we can only speak in vague terms until we...
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    FS Four Source 4s

    Are you willing to go any lower?
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    A few basic standards

    Seen this done, I thought it was insane (why you don't let a Cabinet Maker be your Master Carp!)
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    Advise on different platform plans

    Welcome to College Textbook season my friends.
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    Really low end console

    Note about the Expression 3s, my experience had almost always been bad memory due to age (with the 2 I have used), so be sure to get a UPS and a healthy supply of floppies if you go this route....
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    Portable Lights for Concerts

    There are others who could help you better here, but let me kick it off with a few questions! What is your budget? How big is the van? What does "tour internationally" mean? What type of console or control mechinism do you have? Are you looking for movers, conventional dimming, additional led...
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    Etc Nomad is a Cost crunch

    You were, I started in high school 4 years ago on a 7532 (32 fader 2-scene preset total of 64 faders) with 250 cues, roughly 1 cue every minute. Soon after I learned that the console could stack submasters to make cue stacks. It was painful but not all that bad, the "smartsoft" sounds nifty and...
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    Etc Nomad is a Cost crunch

    I have been there and I feel you! Have you spoken to the administration yet to make sure that it wasn't a mistake someone made? My recommendation would be to push for the Element now because that way they can't pass you over when it is time for the reno and why spend the money for a Nomad AND a...
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    Really low end console

    Would something used work?
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    Building a lighting inventory- baby steps

    I would agree and say 15, but I am willing to bet you are being limited by the disconnect on the feed, it would be reasonable to replace this disconnect with one that is a higher amperage, of course this assumes your feed comes direct from the MDP.
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    Pro Legit Lighting Swag

    I would love to buy an Apollo or [insert vendor here] tshirt or jacket, just most of them never seem to have them for sale or even on a site like spreadshirt! //Riley
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    FS - 30 D192 2.4kw Power Modules and 3 Control Modules for Sale

    FYI it should say All equipment is coming out of Central Piedmont Community College and will be shipped using the service that the buyer chooses
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    FS - 30 D192 2.4kw Power Modules and 3 Control Modules for Sale

    I have 30 dual 2.4kW (166-302) Power Modules for a Colortran Dimension 192 Rack and 3 Control Modules for sale. The 3 Control Modules were taken out of functioning service, but may have some issues upon installation. I cannot test these because we no longer have the rack and are selling them...
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