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    Can you smoke on stage at your theater?

    Nick, Does your Mom know you just threw her under the bus?
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    Shoestring budget Scenery...

    I'm a new member and I Found this old post browsing CB. I've collected a "wish list" for grants similar to the list you have mentioned in the post above. Do you have any suggestions for a successful proposal?
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    Design Fundamentals

    Great! Color choice has been one of my sticking points i'd love to see a text that explains the simple design things we take for granted like-- reading sightlines from a ground plan, integrating homgenous style into production process, balance etc.
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    Design Fundamentals

    I'm revising my design fundamentals course, and i wondered if there was anything that the techs wished was taught in their intro class. Also any new texts that discuss the design process that you'd recomend?
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    I have a Wave and a Surge from Leatherman. I like the scissors on the Surge the best. Scissors are the only reason I have the Leathermans(besides being a tool junkie). I have a 8 year old Swisstool by Victornox that just feels good to use, nice pointy needle nose -- but no scissors. In the long...
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    New member Intro

    Hello, I'm Rob Napoli TD at PSU Berks. I'm also the co author of Scenic Design and Lighting Techniques with Chuck Gloman for Elsiver Press.