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    priming broadway flats

    Hey Kevo, A little more info will be good to help you along. Are you talking about sizing or priming? Not trying to pick-a-nit with vocabulary here, just that one of these operations is very cheap and the other cost a little more money - maybe we can figure out how to save you some...
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    New Curtains

    I really like I Weiss, but they're a bit high end. However, they've been around since they put roofs on theaters, so they know what they’re doing. There are some other lower priced companies I use regularly with good success, but their stuff is kinda you-get-what-you-pay-for, which isn’t to...
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    fabric, lights and fire hazards

    More than that, do a simple flame test on the fabric you have in mind to use. Take a 4" sample and hold it vertically into a 1 ½" flame (butane lighter) for 12 seconds. It will definately smpolder, but no combustion should be noted. Upon removal from the flame, any smoldering in the tested...
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    my first fly

    Ship, Not sure of your point here, unless it is to be more specific about standards and practices. That I can certainly appreciate. However, I think if you look at danl's diagram, he is in fact not flying a flat as you suggest, but a piece of lumber to which fabric banners are attached...
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    my first fly

    I think what you are calling "glazed" is usually sold to me as "waxed". You can buy tie-line waxed or un-waxed variety. Last spool I bought, I asked the supplier what the difference was and was told that there was none - just depends on your personal preference. For my evil purposes, mostly...
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    BA/AA program structure

    Hey All, Since I'm a graduate of NCSA, I thought I'd add my $0.02. Toul's comments are pretty much on the mark. Whenever I'm having any sort of stress in my life it is usually reflected as nightmares about the unpleasantness of my time at NCSA. I am very carefull who I recommend to go...
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    my first fly

    Danl, Here are some images for you that I hope will help you understand easily how cable clips (Crosbies) are afixed to wire rope for overhead use.
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    my first fly

    If you want to know what you should be rigging with, its good to also ask, "if this thing comes down, will it hurt someone?" If yes, then you really would be better to use rated A/C cable (aka wire rope) and cable clips. 1/8" wire rope is usually plenty good enough for light to medium weight...