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    Strand Architectural preset panel issues

    This may help Rob
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    Strand Architectural preset panel issues

    Hi Did you resolve this problem? There are a number of Strand control stations that look the same, and just have different processors in the button units. If there is a separate wall mounted box with its own processor, then you likely have Premiere stations. If the stations are connected...
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    Road House Meet and Greet Issues

    My venue is a 2700 soft seater, and we experience " its our building because we rented it" from the promoter. Quite often now, we find that there is up to 100 people in the VIP party, all of whom paid lots extra for a package that was put together by someone way ahead of any tour advancing...
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    Road House Meet and Greet Issues

    I am hoping to get some input from Roadhouses that may be experiencing this issue as well. We are seeing more and more touring acts come through with VIP Meet & Greets, which is another way for the touring artist to make some cash. The issue has been fitting an on stage meet and greet or...
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    Backstage Access in Calgary, Canada

    HI If you are in western Canada at the beginning March, please join us at Backstage Access. Lots of good tech seminars, a production management Roadhouse Roundtable and a good sized trade show. This year in Calgary, Alberta March 4-5-6.
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    Strand Vision.Net

    I have many Strand CD80-SV racks in my theatre, bought (from me when i was a dealer) in two lots a few years apart. As some have mentioned, it is possible to keep them running for a few more years by replacing some components on the processor board. The battery and some capacitors that dry out...
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    Looking for good technical seminars

    Thanks for all the great info. Keep it coming. I separate the sessions into roughly 3 types: 1) technician training and catching up with new technology, 2) how to not kill anyone that is working or coming to your show by squashing, electrocuting or overworking them, 3) making art that...
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    Looking for good technical seminars

    Hi I run a trade show/tech seminar session in Alberta, Canada whiich is a once yearly event usually in March. This event alternates between two theatres, one in Edmonton and one in Calgary, both owned by the provincial (state) government. This upcoming year in Calgary will be our 6th event...
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    Canceling a show - who makes the call

    Hi I know some of you in this group are staff at venues, and I was wondering if anyone has a show cancellation policy or protocol that they use. Im sure that every major venue has an evacuation plan, but I am interested to find out if anyone has a policy for cancelling a show before the doors...
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    Strand CD 80 power issue

    Have a look her for the pack dip switch information, and also on Page 27 in the info on setting the jumper to change the dimmer curve. It has been a while since I have used one of these, but I seem to...
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    Need Help Replacing Tungsten w/ LED

    I asked Altman about getting one of their very bright LED work lights with a line voltage dimmer, similar to what they have in their existing Pegasus line. I don't think they get enough demand for a dimming work light to put it through the expensive approval process. I think a decent dimming ...
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    CD80-AE and Dimmable LEDs

    I have some LED lamps on SV racks, and would also second the ghost load idea. You might also want to look at the manual on page 86, which explains how to build a custom profile to attach to a dimmer, so that you can get a smoother and more linear fade curve. See...
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    Help with CD80SV dimmers

    Try looking at some of these MANUALS and PRODUCT SHEETS If they are Outlook, they will be listed here somewhere. From the sounds of the button station that snapshots the look you bring up on your lighting console, that station may be a SWC (system wide control) station. Both systems are...
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    Roadhouse Safety Survey

    Hi I am looking to compile some information on how roadhouse theatres handle touring productions and safety. Those of you that work in roadhouse situations likely come up against safety issues with touring clients, from “we always focus with no outriggers” from the touring Broadway shows, to “my...
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    LED work light fixtures

    Any update on delivery of the FLx? Rob Montgomery