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    Guidance on sound board, light board, wireless mics

    Since I am in the Wireless Mic and Audio Rental biz and deal almost exclusively with schools, here is my 2 cents worth. I'll bet your Multi-Purpose Room (Gym-a-caf-etorium) speaker system will be a disaster with 10-20 open microphones, no matter how good the gear ois that you rent amd how good...
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    Poll: Mixing Musicals

    Wow We use scene/cur recall based on French Scenes (an entrance or exit delineates a scene). We usually open all on stage mics to catch "recoveries" - when an other actor may feed a missed line or prompt. To Jays point this means we have to be able to sufficient gain before feedback with...
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    Economical solution to double my body mics?

    Hey Ed ... thanks for the soundout. Thiink PainterSpoon is in Canada - I can't tranship into Canada without spending a fortune on Customs Brokers etc
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    Economical solution to double my body mics?

    I am a bit biased .....since I rent and sell wireless systems and digital mixers .... No one can run more than 16 channels simultaneously in theatre in an effective way (well not many anyway). Renting wireless makes sense if you do not regularly run more than 16 channels Managing the RF mapping...
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    What wireless should I buy right now?

    I love the 50 odd QLXD we put into rental over the last 12 months. Sound great, can get over 80 channels to play nice in most areas - maybe not as big an issue in St Pete's but in NYC I can't get 24 of anything Sennheiser or Shure analog to reliably play nice. As to AT - as both a user...
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    Budget Wireless Element Suggestions

    Thank you gents ... were do I send the check? Seriously I appreciate the kind words.
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    How to use an earset retaining band?

    The real trick for getting an earset to stay where you want it (without the retaining band) is th carefully adjust the earhook portion so the the nub (where the cable connects) pushes out against the ear and the wire/sleeve at the top pushes against the skull. Way to many folks do not seat the...
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    Budget Wireless Element Suggestions

    Yes our Drury Lane Products have gone up quite a bit - some is increased cost of the capsules, some is cost of labor and some is tariff issues - but the chinese are paying those right? My latest shipment had the original duty rate plus 17.6% "china penalty" add - it was listed as a separate...
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    Need Advice for Lousy Theatre Sound Reinforcement

    Why 15" .. now your vocal is split between 2 drivers that both do awful thinks to the vocal - the 15 rarely reproduces the fundamentals accurately and the crossover point to the horn means it is handling almost all the harmonics that make a voice sound "right". I am a great fan of vertical line...
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    Wireless Small Budget Wireless Mics

    Since my mics were mentioned, thought I wold reply. We specialize in situations like yours. We manufacture microphone elements (lavs, earsets, headsets) and rent wireless systems While in theory I agree with most of the replies - I love my QLXD and ULXD systems, there is a polace for...
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    Microphones Hearing Elementary Students

    You could rent extra wireless! If you have the channels on your mixer that will give the best results. (Tooting my own horn a little) Shotguns is the next best if the choir mics are not working - they don't sound as natrural but ... at least they capture otherwise difficult to hear voices...
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    Quick Wireless Mic Buying Choice

    Hi The Drury Lane series uses a "Grain of Rice" that is tiny, and sounds great - I have clients who dropped using Countryman B6 lavs because they could tell the difference in sound. Other than that most of the hardware is the same.
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    Quick Wireless Mic Buying Choice

    I love AT as a value for money option - used to be my goto recommendation - but the new 3000 is about the same prices as the Shure SLX and the Senn ew100 and it is using a new proprietary connector that at this stage locks you into there microphones - I guess they will eventually make the...
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    Quick Wireless Mic Buying Choice

    A quick analysis for Reno shows that using legal systems have the follow channel limitations - Shure BLX 16-18, Shure SLX 21-32, Shure ULX 21-41, Shure QLXD/ulxd - well over 100, AT3000 Pre2018 - C & I band - 28-39, Sennheiser ew100/ew300/ew500 - 20-49. What you buy today could lock you intoa...
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    Quick Wireless Mic Buying Choice

    How many channels do you need and what is the budget? If you go the AT route just be aware that the current 3000 series uses fifferent mic connectors than anything sold prior to June 1 this year. Als the reliable life of most audio electronics is 7 to 10 years - as electronics ages the...