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    Streamed show lighting

    There are probably some good book and other resources on lighting for film/TV that will help you as that's what you will be doing. Because you are now lighting for the camera rather than the eye a lot of things change. They means a much smaller dynamic range. You'll need to reduce your use of...
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    4” Wood beam clamps for lighting grid

    From the drawing I'm assuming he expects it to be fabricated by a local welding shop.
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    Yamaha M7CL DCA Name Change via MIDI

    Look up the Andrew Broughton at his forums Check Check One Two or PSW. He's done a ton of stuff with Yamaha Consoles.
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    Microphones and face shields

    Do you have the link to this, I see something they updated on 7/22 but not on the 26th or 27th. Shure Cleaning 7/22
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    Video Switchers can mess up your wireless....

    Info on the SLX-D has leaked but doesn't appear to have been officially announced yet. Philip
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    Dante- Can Ping cards but Dante Controller isn't seeing them

    Double check but I think you only want one IGMP quierier on. Your plan of getting semi-isolated make a lot of sense and will probably clear up your problems and is a better solution. Philip
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    Security vulnerabilities in enttec devices

    Does anyone know if this is likely limited to the listed product? I've got an Entec Node ODE (unsure if Mk1 or Mk2) that's on a firewalled network but that does have internet access. Philip
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    Touch Screens for new Gio @5?

    So, ... I'd asked what model it would be and got the answer of P2314T but in actuality I have the P2418HT. Looking at the pic's online I'm glad I have the 2418.
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    Touch Screens for new Gio @5?

    The official ETC screen as of last summer was the Dell P2314T, my church bought a pair with our Ion Xe 20 and have been happy with them.
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    Moving Lights for HS

    10’ isn’t far, I’d suggest verifying that dimension. At $9500/ea you should be able to get into or close to something as big/nice as the Sola Frame 1000, I’ve got 4 of those in a HOW as far as 60-70’ away.
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    DMX-Controlled Shutter

    I think the Smart Move Vertical will be the right solution, just haven't had time to make it happen yet. The light is question is a 10 degree tube, I did have a chance to play with another 10 degree and for this application I don't think the difference in focus between the shutters and the smart...
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    In-house tv monitor upgrade

    Most modrn TV's support both analog and digital Cable and over the air signals. In the US that's ATSC for over the air and QAM for cable. The wiring, splitters and any amplifiers will still work with an new digital QAM signal.
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    In-house tv monitor upgrade

    Is signal latency/delay a problem, will people ever be where they can hear both the TV and direct sound from the room? Is 1-2s ok, what about 10-20? If 1-2s is ok look into some sort of QAM modulator, Thor, Contemporary Research, PVI, Blonder Tounge, all make products for this. If you go this...
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    EOS Effect Question

    The lights under consideration are abunch of CS Linear's. I ended up making cue loops referencing pallets, will get to see how well it actually works tomorrow night. I've got the cue loops rate on a fader so it's easy to play with that as needed. Thanks Philip
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    EOS Effect Question

    I don't know EOS well enough to search for the answer to this question or to fully understand the manual and training videos. I'm trying to build an effect to simulate waves in lights along my side walls. My concept is to have intensity fade up and at the same time take the color from blue...