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    HELP!!!! Lighting Design for BYE BYE BIRDIE

    Please if you have any suggestions or if u have a lighting design for the show Bye Bye Birdie, please lemme know what u have. I am designing the lights for the show and I need help from someone who has done this show before. Please help!!
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    birdie ellipsoidal lighting

    someone told me that they thought it was called a birdie. on this ellipsodal, the shutters dont move and it doesnt have a lens. its just ment for a little light. for example, putting it 3 feet from a piece of art work to give the art work more illumination. its not ment for real theatre use
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    birdie ellipsoidal lighting

    I'm looking for it for a little more cheaper. I want it like a "gag" gift and am willing to spend like 70 dollars on it.
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    birdie ellipsoidal lighting

    Does anyone know where I can buy a birdie ellipsoidal fixture. I want it just for fun and I can't find it anywhere, so does anyone know where I can get one?
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    Lighting tech Names

    What are some "cool" names for a lighting tech? Something crazy and long and that makes the job sound really cool?
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    Lighting Programs

    What is a good lighting plot program that will work on an Apple Computer and that is free?
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    Modified Phone Intercom

    I would also recommend that you set up a security camera that you guys have lying around in "the cage" on the back of the stage. BTW for you who don't know me, I work with these guys. Adam
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    beginner lighting tech tips needed!

    I agree with Matt, who I work with at my school and that it is VERY easy to get carried away and write many different cues and try to get really advanced, but I would suggest that you don't use many fixtures in your cues to just keep it simple...
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    Hi from New Jersey

    Jewish Treo yes matt and i are jewsh and lol that would be cool
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    Hi from New Jersey

    Hi, my name is Adam Goldberg. I live in central New Jersey. I work along side with "ccfan213" who is a Sound Engineer and I am a Lighting Engineer. I am a High School student and hope to see you all around the forum!
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    New Lighting System

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how i could get my high school to buy a new lighting system even though we just finished installing a new sound system?
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    Controlling Work Lights From Board

    If my school's stage work lights are contolled from a regular on off switch on the stage, is there a way i could program them as a channel?
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    PAR 56 Proximity to the Cyc

    Cyc Place about 1.5-2 feet. i have never had a problem with it being 1.5 feet away
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    "Technical" lighting names

    What are some really "technical" lighting names that you would say to impress someone? for example, something like "lumination control expert". but something really my technical and high tech. thanx!