I planned on being an archaeologist, but things happen differently than we expect. I consider myself a projectionist who also works as a theatrical electrician, though I was an accomplished audio technician as well. I was a radio DJ in college, known as The Hairy Mannequin (late night brainstorming is the best) and the Beat-Nik.

I moved to Las Vegas at the end of 2007. I had never planned on living here, but as fate might have it, I got a call from a former colleague who had a job offer that was too good to refuse.

History (especially re-enactment), Technology, movies are some of my passions.
Las Vegas


The opinions expressed by “ruinexplorer” may or may not reflect those of his employers or any related partnerships. His given name is withheld to help to prevent his identity being established with his employer, so that he is not misconstrued as being an official voice for them.

"What use is knowledge if there is no understanding?"

Media Design and Technology for Live Entertainment


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