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    InfoComm 2020 Cancelled far. The contact tracing has so far put at least 100 cases directly to the event covering over eight states. One study suggests that there could be over 250,000 that will be traced back to Sturgis. Personally, I believe that they won’t be able as many who spread it won't be responding to...
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    Canada's #LightUpLive Sept. 22

    I'm pretty sure that the Broadway League is also doing the 22nd. Also, I know at least one theater in Oregon is doing that date as well.
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    ACTION ALERT: Light your building up RED for RedAlertRESTART on Sept. 1st from 9pm-Midnight

    Las Vegas events community will be doing quite a bit. In addition to venues being lit (most casinos are not participating), there will be a fireworks demonstration and a laser light show. A lot of it will be live streamed on FB.
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    Old projectors: what to do with them

    On September 1st, put up the #WeMakeEvents logo on your venue.
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    Switching Projectors

    Yes, internal dousers will be put in place between the optics of a projector, blocking the light from exiting. In addition, the projector will mute the signal (video black) to prevent more light from escaping. If the projector has a solid state light source such as LED or Laser, it may also...
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    Switching Projectors

    Just to keep terminology correct, a dowser is someone seeking water using a divining rod; a douser is an object that extinguishes light (such as dousing a fire). Though, similar to other words, the longer that these two are misused, they will be correct with time.
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    Animated Projections

    Often PP is all you need. Make sure that you have permission to do the live streaming. Just getting rights to do the production does not inherently give you the rights to stream it as well.
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    Switching Projectors

    If you have dousers, you could always send the same signal to both projectors and then have the douser blocking the one you don't want used. Fade through black to give the douser the time to close/open.
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    Requiescat in pace, Clyde Parker

    One of the most influential people in my career recently passed away. Clyde Parker, who was technical director at Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium on the Arizona State University campus was an inspiration to many technicians who have had excellent careers. I was asked to apply for his...
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    Old projectors: what to do with them

    I have given old projectors to schools. Even if not used in a production, learning how Projection works without using projectors is difficult. In addition, you can use them for less necessary means, such as digital marketing in your lobby, or special events like a haunted house. However, knowing...
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    Requiescat in pace, Grant Imahara

    This is so sad. I am not usually one to get too broken up by the passing of a celebrity, but like you said, he was more like one of us.
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    For Sale- assorted moving lights

    Man I wish that I had money to use for stuff like this.
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    SOLD OUT- Apollo Little Focus 6 wrenches - $10 while they last

    All good. Probably won't need one for quite a while.
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    Problem getting HDMI capture card to work with Panasonic HC-X1

    I have had good luck with Decimator converter boxes.