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    Job Announcment Cirque du Soleil is hiring

    Things are looking up for sure. Staying busy and happy to not be scraping by any more. Working HR wasn't bad, but I'm glad that I don't have to keep doing it.
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    Job Announcment Cirque du Soleil is hiring Pay isn't listed, but it is a living wage.
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    Labor Shortage

    I am currently looking to fill a full time video technician with Coolux experience. Biggest issue is that anyone with the right talent is probably making a lot more freelancing.
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    Budget Estimate

    I think this is a great idea. I love that there are classes outside of just design, but offering practical skills. First, identify where the project is intended as the infrastructure will be greatly different between a theater and a convention hall. Your biggest difference in estimates will...
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    Mac Apps Poll

    Yes, the terminology can be a bit odd. It takes some getting used to. The blank slate of the program can be intimidating. Fortunately, there have been some improvements in quick start over the years (dragging a video clip into the programming window will automatically set up everything for it...
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    Mac Apps Poll

    I suggest wireshark as well, just to monitor network traffic. For video work, I like Isadora. As a node based program, it takes a bit more learning to set it up than something like Qlab (some really great YouTube tutorials), but I think that it is ultimately more versatile if you are looking to...
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    Golly! Vegas has been busy.

    I heard that rigging in the new West Hall is a nightmare. The building is a parallelogram and the points are not conducive to regular booth rigging.
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    Free Event Safety Access Training through August 1st

    Take1 Insurance, Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions and Event Safety Alliance Offer Free ESAT Training
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    Nocti Test for tech theater?

    Unless you are like @gafftaper who will build a jig to make squared flats.
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    Nocti Test for tech theater?

    Though, with the cost of materials these days, we might start to see more Broadway flats.
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    Nocti Test for tech theater?

    The trick is to see who actually wrote the test. That was the issue when I first started helping out with USITT's eSET program. It seemed that they had a lot of regionally specific jargon along with questions that were specific to educational theater and not professional theater. Who is the...
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    Rear Projection Small Throw Distance available

    Are you going to be creating your own content or renting? If you are renting, you likely will be getting 1080 content (or some other standard format). Your cyc is not going to match that. So, yes, masking some of the cyc will likely be necessary. While it would be possible to rear project on...
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    Camera For Theater

    I really liked the Datavideo cameras. My only issue was that my theater was bigger, so low light was an issue due to the zoom. In show conditions when I had them closer (80' or so), they were just fine. Bonus was that I was doing a demo with the HDBaseT models and the setup was a breeze.