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    For Sale- assorted moving lights

    Man I wish that I had money to use for stuff like this.
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    SOLD OUT- Apollo Little Focus 6 wrenches - $10 while they last

    All good. Probably won't need one for quite a while.
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    Problem getting HDMI capture card to work with Panasonic HC-X1

    I have had good luck with Decimator converter boxes.
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    Cirque du Soleil Files for Bankruptcy

    More info here. Oh, and there's an additional pandemic in the wings in the form of a new swine flu.
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    Problem getting HDMI capture card to work with Panasonic HC-X1

    HDMI from the camera likely is still trying to do the HDCP handshake. SDI does not support HDCP, so the best that you would get is audio only. Some HDMI to SDI converters act as the display (for HDMI v1.4) and can thus pass the signal down the line. These are technically not HDMI compliant.
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    The Future of Green Screens

    Green screens will still be a less expensive option, so yes, they will still be around. I do believe that this will be much more common for larger budget productions and will work its way into live entertainment.
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    The Future of Green Screens

    PRG did a demo of this at NAB last year. It just keeps getting more impressive at what we can do with video.
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    Wireless Video Transmission

    Teradek is something that I have seen demoed on a Vegas convention floor (very RF noisy environment) and it worked great in their 20x20 booth, where I have seen other wireless applications fail. They are often used in broadcast situations. And the delay was not noticeable at all. It really...
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    Weird CDS news

    No news on what people are bidding. There was an interesting article in the Montreal Gazette about the bidding wars.
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    Weird CDS news

    I find it interesting that Guy Laliberte sold his remaining shares in February (just one month prior to shut down) and now he is bidding to buy the whole thing back (with new investors).
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    A logo of solidarity

    Note what replaced the first O in Control.
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    Remote Accessible Kitteh Entertainment System for My Students

    I completely understand. It is very sad indeed.
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    Black RP Screen

    Honestly, I think that is too specialized of a product, especially at that size. One thing that you will want to consider is that high gain (transmittance) rear projection has a narrow field of view. I have not used any black screen material, but have used high gain grey rear projection and...