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    Design Mediums

    And as an added note, what theatre department are you a part of that doesn't teach you artistic rendering? Juilliard, Yale, Calarts, Carnegie Mellon, all the schools known for lighting design FORCE the students to do it for 2-4 years. It seems obvious there's artistry needed for design work...
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    Design Mediums

    First question - Air brush seems able to portray more subtle tones and hues, it was just an experiment I may try for fun, not as a serious commitment. Second - WYSIWYG is very very very good for directors. Broadway lighting designers that have been in the business forever may be able to get...
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    Design Mediums

    Hey everybody, I haven't posted here in almost a year or so, I've just finished work with five conescutive off-broadway shows. Anyways, I was curious to know what mediums your designs are in. So far all I've seen are watercolorists or computer renderers when it comes to lighting, (Though...
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    Bored and Hot!

    Find something to climb. You wouldn't believe what I've been able to get onto without anyone noticing.
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    Source 4 vs. SL

    ETC is the best company to buy instruments and boards from regarding high school productions. Source 4 is THE industry standard, and ETC boards seem to be very easy to learn on and use. Go for source four.
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    More Books

    I'm reading "A practical guide to stage lighting". Good book for intermediate light designers, doesn't have a lot of new stuff for me but it helped me remember a lot of old things. Great directions for lighting paperwork. Also reading "Scene Design and Stage Lighting". Again, a great book...
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    Design finished and proportion drawing ?s

    I just got my concept to work for me. This has taken weeks of drawing tiny thumbnails but I finally got it looking RIGHT. Aaahh I'm so happy. I haven't been able to sleep for two weeks because of this thing. My design is for "Jack or the Submission" by Ionesco and let me tell you. Designing it...
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    schools for lighting

    Most of the graduates of the technical theatre department in my school (Ours is kinda unorthodox, we have whole departments for different art areas. Dance, instrumental, vocal, tech, acting, musical theatre, visual, etc. etc.) go to the top schools for design in the nation. I've heard good...
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    Light plots

    I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound negative, I've been the M.E. and seen/worted with many M.E.s and in the larger theatre's I've never used the original plot for hanging. It was always hanging cardboards for sections of the theatre. They were mostly off-broadway and university shows with a large...
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    Light plots

    Actually in my experience a very simple light plot is very bad. Without the plot keeping track of all of the most vital details, it generates confusion later on, especially for designers that rely a lot on magic sheets for focus and color systems. Also, rarely does the M.E. take the actual...
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    Light plots

    Anyone know of a good book that includes drawing lightplots? (Hopefully on amazon, lol.) I've designed a few shows and my light plots have been made just from looking at other's plots. I'd like to get more information on them and how to do them. Thanks in advance!
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    I use a radio rfu. I take it up in the genie when I'm adjusting pipe-ends and toplight/cyclights in our proscenium space. I can't say I've used it much in the blackbox except for examining my designs from eye-level, but if you have a large space and you're a designer that likes to adjust after...
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    Rigging with the cheap stuff...

    If it's not safe, don't rig it. Find some other way.
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    Electronic Control lighting equipment

    I know there was an Electronic ControlS company, but I've never heard of "Electronic Control". I'd assume the EC doesn't stand for the company but for the classification since there is no documentation of a company called "Electronic Control". Do you have manual dimmer systems? If so, it'll...
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    Lighting tech Names

    I'm partial to Oribobolus.