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    What do you hate about your light board?

    I can confidently say I enjoy eating dirt more than I do programming the SmartFade, or SmartFail, DumbFade, SuckFade, SuckFail, etc in DePaul's blackbox. What an awful console. Howver, give me our Ion or my company's Hog III and I'm a happy camper xD
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    Michael Philippi, major Chicago lighting designer, dies

    My drafting class was canceled Wednesday because my teacher was working with him as a set designer. Too soon, too young. Rest In Peace Michael, you'll be missed.
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    What is your favorite button on any lighting console?

    Road Hog/Full Boar/III: "Suck" button.
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    Vintage Lighting Holy old lighting equipment, Batman!

    The clutch knob, paint color, cone washers, gel frame tabs and heat release holes on the underside all point towards Altman.
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    Madonna's Stage Collapses, One Dead.

    I heard from some of the shop guys that the wrong bolts were used in putting the trussing together.
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    Remote Pinspots?

    Soundlight, I really thoroughly enjoyed your word "sleazebay." I plan on using it now :mrgreen: Kinda like me calling the Home Depot the Home Despot :rolleyes:
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    Conventionals In The Spotlight...

    I'd have to agree with everyone else. just having finished my first year of college I have worked with moving lights in three shows I've worked on, but only in one of my designs. I work for a theatre company and a production company and we use them a good deal but still, all but one of my...
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    Mac III's and Showguns in Transformers 2?

    Nick Jones' infallible logic is infallible :mrgreen:
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    Photos of a 1920's theatre today.

    Wow! That's amazing. The dome definitely reminds me of the Aragon here in Chicago. I like how the house lights were old Major PCs, kinda entertaining. Definitely a piece of history, glad you captured it.
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    Do you have a lightboard mascot?

    Oooooo look at That One Guy with his Eos and his Syphilis :P
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    Hog 500 vs. Expression 3

    Surprisingly no. I actually am not sure about Chicago Spotlight as I can't find their rental inventory online and I have yet to call them. I feel like Elements will start popping up all over the place very soon now too
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    Hog 500 vs. Expression 3

    Ha I guess I should rephrase "hands-on." I meant it more in terms of having my fixtures patched to channels that can be controlled my faders as opposed to typing up each light or group I want on. I know the Congo can come with a fader wing so I was just wondering. that whole being backwards...
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    Hog 500 vs. Expression 3

    So I changed my mind and I'm going to rent the Expression III now instead. I like the more hands-on approach via faders and subs especially with a mostly conventional rig. Should be a good show, I'll post pics when I'm done. Another question: since I'm an ETC guy, how do you all feel about...
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    Hog 500 vs. Expression 3

    Heyyy Everybody! So I'm designing a production of "My Fair Lady" for a middle school summer theatre camp in my neighborhood. The board I would be using is a Colortran Innovator but my friend is using it in the school's gym to run his show. I have the ability to rent whatever console I want...
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    Mac 700 copies/QMAXZ

    QMAXZ is a German company, which makes me think they'd be of better quality even if they're manufactured in China. They seem pretty nice, but that's just my opinion. I do like the Neutrix PowerCon for power though, nice feature.