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    Folding sawhorses and sawhorse designs.

    I highly recommend 3/4" ply w/ weight relief or 1x. Nix the 2x4 styles- keep it light for the constant moving. My current shop has ones made of 3 pieces, each 3/4" ply with weight relief cut out. They slot into each other so no hinges or hardware, and the can be taken apart and stored only 2...
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    Safety standards for scenery

    If a group is coming into your house with their own set - and if you don't assist in building the set and simply rent the venue - you could easily put in a clause that exempts you from any liability for what they do on that stage. As long as it's not your stage that hurts them. But to be a...
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    Construction collapse threatens Saenger in NOLA

    I'm working down in nola now. The rest of the Wicked tour at the Sanger has been cancelled. Not sure if the crew can get in to strike the set or not, don't believe they can. Hopefully the Mahalia Jackson can take some of the upcoming tours. There's about a two block radius of a mandatory...
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    Changing booth

    If it doesn't need to be fancy, in regional theatre I used to just put up three stock flats with scrap duve as the entrance. If you don't stock 1x8, and have the room, use a 2x8 with a 4x8, to be a 6x6 room. Or ask. All riders are negotiable to some extent. Ask to see if a 4x4 will suffice.
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    Am I making the right college decision?

    @Andy Haefner a lot of this will depend on the school and the program. Smaller liberal arts schools can easily let you double major in different fields, while more intense schools, with a BFA program, might, but may frown upon it. I double majored with a BA and a non-related field and was...
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    Best knot for monofilament?

    Improved clinch knot. Very similar to the blood knot it seems. Never had a problem with it holding, only with making it a specific trim height.
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    Tool Room - Labels?

    Painting the pegboard first will help the tape stick better in my experience. But I would not recommended outlining the tools- at least not in marker or paint. A month/ semester/year later when you get more tools or different brands the outlines won't work and it'll take more time to redraw...
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    Curved staircase for school theater

    Do you have any more information on how you built this staircase?
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    Source for Lumber

    I just moved into a new city and am sourcing places to purchase my lumber besides big box stores. I figure this might be a good place for all of us in our different cities to post which lumber yards are a good place/friendly face/cheap price to purchase lumber. Lowes and Home Depot can be...
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    New Techs .......PRANK TIME

    Board stretcher is classic. On the ships we'd send them out to go "Whale Watching." They'd be on a fake radio and have to call in if they saw a whale out ahead so the ship (with all it's radar and officers) wouldn't run into them.
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    Working Water Fountain

    Hello all, I am tasked with creating a working water fountain for an upcoming production of Much Ado. The fountain will be built into a proscenium width staircase which makes up the apron of the stage. It is a statue where water is meant to come from some fish as the base and the mouth at the...
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    Prefered Tablet.

    I am heading off to grad school soon to earn my MFA in Production Design and Production and I wanted to get a tablet that would be the most useful in our field. I will be doing general school work/papers/etc. But plan to use in the the theatre during builds and tech with Vectorworks. I am not...
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    Knots used in Theatre

    There are plenty of knots that can come in handy. Theatre knots, boyscout knots, and sailor knots, but the only three you need to know are the bowline, clove hitch (in my mind not complete without a half hitch on the end), and truckers hitch. Those three got me through all my various jobs in...
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    Looking for the right Grad School...

    I didnt read all of these so I may be repeating some advice. I am currently in the same boat. I applied to Yale, CMU, UNC Chapel Hill, Ohio U, and SIUC. So far I've been accepted to 4 out of five school which had been great. But their program.s all very a little. Ohio and SIU all students to...
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    Help with supporting taller walls- Structural and Design help

    Use tall jacks for the upstage walls. and where ever you are adding sections of flats together to make them taller than your stock flats, be sure to brace them in the back with a toggle. just run some 1x4 up along the seams of both flats to give them support as one whole flat. Also, if it is...