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    House dimmer programming

    There is a lockout function on these panels. Sometimes they are very difficult to program... if your fingers don't hit the button exactly as it likes, you may have to try again. There is an internal "programming" LED (near the top) but you would have to take the panel out of the box to see it...
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    Advice on new controller for legacy NSI dimmers

    The Leviton I/F 501 will easily convert Microplex to DMX-512 for $300 or so. I have used one of these very successfully for many years! Once you convert your dimmer signal to DMX-512, you can use any modern controller. I agree that the ETC Element/Ion is a fantastic lighting board, one which...
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    Intelligent Power System Intelligent Raceway - DMX Address?

    Thanks for your reply! A few buttons on the side (A, B, C, D) with no explanations other than "presets" in the literature. There are DIP switches on each dimmer, but these only control the sequence within the pack itself and not the DMX address. There is no central DIP switch for addressing...
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    Intelligent Power System Intelligent Raceway - DMX Address?

    I am trying to set the DMX start address on Intelligent Power System Intelligent Raceways that were installed about 12-15 years ago. The manufacturer was originally ET Dimming, which was acquired by Rosco and then Strand/Genlyte/Philips. There are two models -- the 6-dimmer bar and the 900...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Degree for side light on lighting ladder

    My favorite fixture for this is an ETC Source Four Jr. Zoom ellipsoidal. You can achieve a very even side light.
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    Worth getting a few more Fresnels?

    I love the Altman 65Q, however antiquated it might seem. I just completely renovated a high school "little theater" (150 seats with low ceilings) and filled it with LED strip light and wash fixtures. The LEDs are great for fills and color washes, but the combination of Source Four Junior 50...
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    Vintage Lighting Incredible Kliegl Bros. rotary patch panel

    I was singing on a television show in the Scranton, Pennsylvania PBS studio and came across this fantastic piece of stage lighting history. The entire studio was still using old Kliegl and Century equipment alongside the more modern fixtures. I have also attached a few shots of the grid.
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    Broadway Lighting Systems

    I'd love to see those Lighting Dimension magazines. Have they found a home yet or can I provide them with such? Thanks, Scott
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    House dimmer programming

    This is a Remembrance console. It's very, very common and easy to program if it's set up in DMX. If it's analog, it is basically hardwired to your house light controls. If you are using the DMX version, turn it off. Set your lighting board to the DMX values you want. Press the button and...
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    Lee Colortran ENR 96 rack issue

    Epiphany... perhaps it is CMX...?
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    Lee Colortran ENR 96 rack issue

    Hello lighting world, Is anyone very familiar with the ENR series? I went in the help a local school with their lighting and found a completely unresponsive rack. None of the dimmers respond to DMX, but the green "signal" light goes on when I connect a DMX console. The only way to get lights...
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    Control/Dimming NSI/Leviton MC75xx Series question

    This board is not the easiest to use. Although I have used it many times, I still need to review the recording process almost every time because it is not intuitive. If I recall, you can NOT expand the submasters this way. Good luck! ... and I'd also love to see these "rewritten instructions"!
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    Discontinued Incandescent Light Bulbs?

    The only lamp that has actually been discontinued (that I regularly used at some point) is the 1000IF for the 18" scoops. Now, you must buy the very expensive DSE/DKZ lamp or just step down to 500IF for less light. (Or switch to a 16" scoop with an FCM or FHM double-ended halogen lamp.)
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    Floppy Emulator --> USB on Express or MC 24/48 consoles

    I have a floppy drive I can stick in there but was curious to see if anyone got the USB option working. The save process takes about 5 minutes per show!
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    Getting a new lighting system for a high school auditorium

    You can start by stressing the safety issue, although unless your system has been modified, most 1972 school installations are actually quite "safe". You are surprised that your old system is still in use... you wouldn't believe how many systems are still used that are older... Second, you can...