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    Philips-Strand Lighting sponsors new Scholarship to SLSS Workshop

    In celebration of Sonny Sonnenfeld's enthusiastic mission of training the theatrical lighting designers, technicians and sales force of tomorrow, Scott Parker is thrilled to announce the new "Sonny Sonnenfeld Memorial Scholarship, Sponsored by Philips-Strand Lighting." Parker adds "with this...
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    Barbizon announces scholarship to SLSS

    Via Live Design Online. Barbizon announces scholarship to Stage Lighting Super Saturday.
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    Tipton, Katz, Billington, and MacDevitt at SLSS

    Jennifer Tipton, Natasha Katz, Ken Billington and Brian MacDevitt group session at Stage Lighting Super Saturday. I'm am thrilled to share Jennifer Tipton's great idea for a terrific group session. Jennifer has invited Natasha Katz, Ken Billington and Brian MacDevitt to join us for a terrific...
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    Sound workshop in NYC on Jan. 15

    Greetings All, I'm thrilled to share that Jim VanBergen and Bob McCarthy will be speaking at our second annual sound workshop. Stage Sound Super Sunday is much light the Super Saturday lighting workshop. A whole day of working pros discussing sound design and technology. Mostly 101 level...
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    Tipton, Binkley, Holder, Pilbrow. Jan 14th in NYC

    Greetings, Thrilled to announce that Tony Award Winners Don Holder, Jennifer Tipton, and Howell Binkley will be discussing lighting design at our annual lighting workshop on Jan. 14th at NYU in NYC. Richard Pilbrow will join us and talk about his My Fair Lady and the history of lighting...
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    R.I.P., Sonny Sonnenfeld

    Sonny was a friend and mentor to many, including myself. My producing partner for the past 11 years for a lighting workshop. He will be missed. Here's another article. A very good one I might add.
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    Stage Lighting Super Saturday

    Figured I'd bump this thread. Super Saturday 2016 is next weekend. Something new: Super Sound Sunday. Not wanting to cross post, here's the post I placed in the news forum: Thanks, Scott
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    Sound workshop next weekend in NYC (1/10/16)

    Greetings all. Not wanting to cross post, just a quick note that I announced a sound workshop, NYC next weekend, in the news forum: Thanks, Scott
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    Lighting workshop in NYC next weekend (1/9/16)

    Greetings all. Not wanting to cross post, just a quick note that I announced a lighting workshop, NYC next weekend, in the news forum: Thanks, Scott
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    Lighting and Sound Workshops in NYC on Jan 9 & 10

    Greetings All, With Dave's kind permission I share this info about Stage Lighting Super Saturday and Stage Sound Super Sunday in NYC. For full details including list of speakers, workshop schedule, sponsors, etc., visit Bonus for CB Members. $50 off registration. Use code...
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    Moving heads $2,000-$3,000 Range

    Robe 250AT's hover around $3,000. Terrific units and very sturdy. I've put them in various high schools and colleges. Highly recommended over the brands you mentioned, imho.
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    USITT 2013, Who is leading a session?

    I'm presenting "Production Electrician Survival" at 8am Sat. 3/23 with my co-presenters John McKernon and Tony Kambic. "The role of the theatrical production and/or master electrician - what skills do you need? What is your relationship to the lighting designer, assistant lighting designer...
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    USITT 2013, Who is leading a session?

    I'm presenting: "Teaching Technical Theatre Projects in High School" at 8am, Friday 3/22 with my co-presenters Charles Kirby and Dana Taylor. "The care and feeding of the high school design/tech program. The panel consists of both teachers and students who will share their experiences and...