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    Workouts/Physical Demands for Riggers and Technicians

    What Mrs Footer and Cbrandt say are spot on. As a Man, gender aside I always make sure to get help whenever necessary. Take no chances with it. If its between you or a piece of gear falling off a truck better it than you. And honestly if you are in the gym working out regularly, you are in...
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    Tool Lists (What do I need?)

    Gloves Crescent Wrench Sharpies Headlamp circuit tester dykes multihead screwdriver measuring tape gaff and e tape provided by the co. This gets me through just about every gig. I don't like multitools. I find them a little useless. Plus every time I ever owned one they seem to disappear. Speed...
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    Hello Everybody!

    So I am very happy to be here. Abel to talk with others in the staging industry. I am a stagehand from NY. I am a freelancer with nearly nearly 10 years experience. I do a lot of lighting, also sound. I am not in love with either profession, (at heart I am a guitar player), but none the less...