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    Dead Processor

    underbalc fills will need to be delayed, and to purchase a processor and then have to add a seperate DDL is a bit silly. 11 outputs is a lot, though, and you'll likely need two units chained together to get what you need. The driverack units are quite good, but if you're willing to take a step...
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    Sound Budget Reccomendations

    I'm going to fall in line and suggest that the purchase of a driverack pa isn't your best choice here. Given the situation you've described, you'd get much more improvement per dollar spent on some new mics and cables. A driverack pa is an improvement for a system that is otherwise complete -...
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    Favorite Bass Drum Mic

    Audix D6! Not much need for two mics or a whole whack of EQ.
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    My ED Article

    some good points thus far relating to killswitches and safety mechanisms. DMX isn't the best protocol for mission critical FX comm because of it's lack of checksum, something like RS-232 is more common than one might imagine in applications like this. Proprietary control systems are also...
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    Training Cable

    you'll need to have at least a good 70' fly tower, but let your cables hang for a while and they'll coil nicely the first time you try without any weird ripples.
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    NCarts and Portfolios

    this is easy. Include sound plots and system diagrams. Cue descriptions including artistic motivations. The research you did on the show to start the process. Include a technical resume with shows, experiences, training, and skills. CD with cues your particularily proud of with written...
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    Going from Old School to New School.

    If you aren't sure what you're looking for exactly, I'd suggest renting source four jr zooms. You'll save yourself some money and some backbreaking work and you'll be getting a pretty comparable fixture in return. For fresnels, I'm a fan of the strand theatrical fresnels and not a fan of the...
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    Repair or Replace

    Just a quick read into some other suggestions. I suspect that a board with 16 channels would be a good purchase, and 24 channels might be nice for long term expansion. You also need to consider that depth of control you need. While the soundcraft 324 would be a great board that would likely...
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    Sharktooth Scrim & Cyc lights

    that's exactly right. Although scrim is a good projection surface for lights (patterns, or images) it's opacity comes from contrast between light in front of and light behind. A dark surface and no illumination behind the scrim will mean that it will appear opaque. If you're concerned about...
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    Sharktooth Scrim & Cyc lights

    pretty much any front light that spills onto your scrim will produce the opaque look you're trying to get. A cyc light might not be the best option for this, but it certainly isn't going to do you any harm. It's more important, in terms of maintaining apparant opacity, that you keep the light...
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    Hog PC on Apple

    I've got a rev C powerbook 12 inch. Get at laest 768 ram (do it third party, don't order it from apple) I love it to bits, it's my primary system now.
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    So what IS the difference between a leg and a teaser?

    There are a lot of wrong answers here, from my viewpoint. A vomitorium exits off the downstage in a thrust stage (or arena stage) diagonally under the audience. In SOFT GOODS (ie fabric blacks) the border runs horizontally above the stage to prevent the audience looking into the fly tower...
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    Multiple shows, one space?

    for strobes, try and find a few Martin Atomics. DMX controlled, very very powerful.
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    Monitor set up for a choir on risers

    realistically, a choir is used to hearing the people around them, and most of them can hear the whole group of where they are standing from anyways. There is no need to give the choir a monitor mix that includes ANY of themselves. Sometimes it might be nice to offer a little bit of soloist (if...
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    College portfolio interviews

    ask intelligent questions about the program they are offering to show you have done some research into their program and others like it. Be enthusiastic. Don't try and show off your knowledge of all things related to tech, but through your conversations you should try and give them the sense...