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    Apollo color scroller 5.25

    We recently had an issue similar to this at my school. We found that the test button has gotten permanently depressed and was constantly running through color whenever it was powered on.
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    Low Batten Trim?

    It was at Franklin High School.
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    Low Batten Trim?

    Sorry for not adding this earlier, the tension blocks are in a pit around eight feet deep. The bottom stops for the arbor are at deck level though. It seems to me they could have cut the lift lines slightly longer and lowered the arbor stops further into the pit.
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    Low Batten Trim?

    Today I was in a newly built theater and the low trim on all the battens was around six feet off the ground. Most theaters I've been in have this low trim at between three and four feet off the ground. This appears to be a comfortable working height for most people. I was wondering what reasons...
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    Sound System Physics

    I gave my presentation and primarily explained to the class how a mic picks up sound and transfers it to an electrical signal. I'm still a bit hazy on the EQ so I gave a very brief description. I then discussed how, in my understanding, a speaker does the opposite of a mic.
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    Sound System Physics

    Hello all. I'm doing a Physics project on how a Sound System works electrically. I understand how an audio signal is transferred from a mic, how the volume is changed and how it is output through a speaker. I'm having an issue understanding how an audio signal is changed, from an electrical...
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    Trouble recruiting

    The crew at my school is an after school activity only(no classes are offered) I'm having trouble recruiting underclassmen because our director is incredibly strict and angers quickly. My issue is that I'm graduating next year and we have no one qualified to become the new TD. I was wondering if...
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    DMX through XLR

    Thank you for all of your replies
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    DMX through XLR

    Our booth and dimmers are approximately 100 feet away from either of the points we would be hanging the fixtures. It's all audience between the dimmer room and the stage. Ours dimmers are in a little concrete room across the hall from our booth
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    DMX through XLR

    I've chatted with some people down at Hollywood Lighting, and they said at the moment the technology is spotty at best. If we get them working for even a second, my director will want them working all the time.Also when you say "long run on the cable" do the cables wear down with excessive...
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    DMX through XLR

    Hello, I'm a TD at my high school (all student crew, I'm a Junior) we have two Martin 812 Roboscanners and I want to hook them up. We have no DMX patching ability on our electrics, or in our catwalks but we want full control of them. Since we have mic outputs in these locations is it possible...
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    Re: Quiet snow machines?At my high school. We have two close battens and mount a piece of canvas with slits in it between them. The snow(small plastic pieces) sits up in the canvas and when you move one of the battens the snow comes out through the slits.
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    Techie sayings

    Probably on here already but I don't remember seeing it. "You can have a set 2 of 3 ways Cheap, On Time, or Pretty. Choose you two."
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    Fog Fluid Recipe

    Hello. I'm a high school student and our theatre program, as you can imagine, has a pretty low budget. I was wondering if anyone has a recipe for homemade stage fog fluid. Thanks!