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    Design Issues and Solutions Home Made GOBOS

    Has anyone ever tried useing a rotary tool with a dremel bit instead of an exacto knife? seems like it would have the same effect + be a little easier... just a thought.
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    persistant soundboard screech problem

    Heavy sigh. This is exactly what I was hoping not to hear. aw well. Can anyone give me a time frame on it? (I don't think we have the budget to bring in someone with the skills necessary to fix it quite yet)
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    persistant soundboard screech problem

    In general we go Main power (we have everything hooked up to a surge protector), Board power, Amps.
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    persistant soundboard screech problem

    Hello Forums, My highschool has had the same soundboard for at least fifteen or twenty years now, probably more (it's a Tascam M-2600 Mk II), and recently it has developed an interesting problem that we have nicknamed the "friendly little screech of death." Basicly, whenever we turn on said...