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    Vinyl printed drop with scenery netting

    I use these backdrops all the time for venue decorating They are printed with an ink jet printed and glued together with a horizontal seam. It is a sort of matte (I call it shower curtain material) comes in roll Some things to consider, it cannot get wet, the paint runs and turns into a...
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    Digital Sound Board Recommendations

    Go with two digital boards, linked one to the other Sharyn
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    Mackie SRM450v2

    Don't forget the option of just getting ONE ZXa5, they work great and can easily outrun several Mackies. Usually I rather get ONE of what I really like than two of a compromize. I love the ZXa5, have a bunch of them, the only downside is it only has one handle on the side, and the locking to...
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    Mackie SRM450v2

    If you don't mind used troll Ebay looking for version 1 made in ITALY, they are by far the best Mackie SRM450's Sharyn
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    Chauvet 2d hazer is sputtering in DMX mode.

    Is there a possibility that you have not sending full on to the hazer? Is it possible that this level is being also controlled by a grand master? Sharyn
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    Cleaning a JEM K1

    50/50 is a good cleaner but why is it a problem Prohaze should work in any of the martin jem units? they are water based Sharyn
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    Mixers/Consoles Hum when video system patched in

    I have seen this hundreds of times, the issues it the ground/shield side on the VIDEO. Nothing you do on the audio side is likely to fix it, It takes an small isolation transformer on the video connection. Sharyn
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    Mixers/Consoles Hum when video system patched in

    The issue is on the video side of things so you need an isolation on the VIDEO side, your have it seems been isolating the audio side Isolators, Hum Eliminators, Video/RF Adapters, Adapter Cables, Splitters Accessories & Parts & Hardware from Full Compass Sharyn
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    Use iPads for On-Stage Confidence Monitors

    have seen an inexpensive alternative being to take the ipad and run something like ONSONG and take the vga out from the Ipad adapter ( if you use Ipad 1 you need to have an app that outputs video natively, Ipad 2 and beyond can replicate the screen display) You then run the vga out into a vga...
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    Laptop sound noise

    Yes that is the problem: Here we have a combination of factors, one is that the headphone output jack on a notebook is not a shielded balanced system, and the power distribution in the notebook has to deal with two sources of power, both battery and external. It is not like the external power...
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    Flickery video

    This is because ALL power supplies for desktop pc's are tested in an environment where there is only ONE source of power. Laptop power supplies are tested also independantly and most likely never tested in an environment where the connection between the AC ground and the DC ground is checked...
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    Laptop sound noise

    Actually your point re this not being the intended purpose of laptops is misleading IMO What we are seeing here is a design flaw, that again in my experience COULD lead to a dangerous situation of the same level as removing the ground pin. IF there were another fault on a device on the same AC...
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    Microphones Best mic for a female voice?

    An interesting option is a somewhat overlooked condenser mic the CAD C195. I have had good experience with this with female voices. It DOES REQUIRE Phantom power though. It is quite inexpensive around 79 dollars or so that said, the SM58 is probably one of the must widely used mics around. A...
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    Laptop sound noise

    Let me just add to the controversy: The basic issue is that the notebook power supply combination that exhibits this noise issue is incorrectly designed/implemented. I have had this issue with some Dell units, and finally got dell to give me another power supply. I have not found this on any...
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    Flickery video

    m IMO and I am SURE there will be lots of disagreements on this, removing the ground ONLY on the laptop power supply has a very very slight chance of danger. IN fact a while back when I did a lot of checking on this I found that a number of the laptop power supplies for dell for instance...