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    Flying Walls

    our SM was telling backstage not to let the director do anything and that he had it under control but they really couldnt stop him. and then our SM took off his headset because "he wasn't the stage manager anymore" but shortly after put it back on.
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    For a couple of our plays this year there was a cue for lightning. I just put a bunch of white lights and all the cycs at full onto a fader and just kept pressing the bump button so it would flash. I was just wondering if anyone knew a better way to create a more realistic looking lightning flash.
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    Which do you have?

    My school has an ECT Obsession II. I use it a lot so I like it a lot but I haven't had the chance to use a different board. We rented a flying pig to run our ML for our Variey Show last year but I was doing regular lights so I didn't get to use it.
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    At my school we had to have a small fire to be put under a pot. We had one of those halloween torch things, with the cloth and the fans and the amber lights. We took it off the stand it came on and rewired in and placed it inside the stove we needed it for. In my opinion it looked really...
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    Flying Walls

    Our school's musical this years was "Oliver!". And for those who know the play one of the scenes is in Fagin's Den. So to show this scene we build a wall, just pieces of 1X4 screwed together in a jamble, that we flew down when needed. One of the performances we had was for the junior highs in...
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    Love this site idea just wanted to introduce myself

    ??? Well I am a junior at Glenbrook North High School. Well I guess that makes me a Senior on crew though since we have no seniors so i guess that would make you a junior. Kirbz showed me this site and I'm really glad he did. Hello...