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    Can you identify?

    One could probably achieve a similar effect with gel from the lighting department and some gaff tape?
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    Conventional Fixtures Altman 6" Fresnel w/ No Lens

    Yeah I was looking at it and its probably more work than its worth even if it was screws or something. Its already a much nicer shadow than even a source 4 90 is bringing out, and with a much smaller unit. Im pretty happy with what Im getting. As for the glass/screen thing, I wish I could...
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    Conventional Fixtures Altman 6" Fresnel w/ No Lens

    Good idea. Will the screen get projected at all?
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    Conventional Fixtures Altman 6" Fresnel w/ No Lens

    Hey all. I am trying to get some ballen shadow effects on a series of drops, and plan on using a altman fresnels with their fresnel lens removed to cover the drops with light. Anyone have an idea of the beam/field angle of a fresnel with no lens? Intuition says its wider but short of setting up...
  5. borosilicate

    Borosilicate is a heat resistant glass used in many high heat applications, including high temperature optics, telescope mirrors, nuclear waste containment, and laboratory glassware. It is used for these applications due to the fact that it resists the...
  6. Pyrex

    Pyrex is a brand name, with several different types of products covered. Although synonymous with borosilicate, Pyrex may also be made with tempered Soda Lime glass. However, any laboratory glassware listed as Pyrex is made of borosilicate. In addition...
  7. short circuit

    ESTA Electrical Standards definition:
  8. Choral Risers

    Risers constructed as to allow a group of people to stand in rows, usually curving toward a center point.
  9. current

    The movement of electrons from one point to another through a conductor, usually some form of wire. Current is measured in Amps, and is related to voltage (V) and resistance (r) through the equation V=I*R, I being current in amps, voltage in volts, and...
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    The right light for the right job

    Barndoors, my friend. Anyhow, Fresnels are probably your best choice for all around light just because they do pretty much everything. Pars tend towards the brighter side, so thats where those guys come in handy. Source 4s for Template projection and places where whacky shutter cuts are...
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    Plated or Spigoted truss?

    Depends what you are trying to do. A lot of trade shows want things that are not rectangles, and for angles other than 90, pins can be easier than anything else. And on steel truss... but yeah. Depends.
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    Favorite hammer(s)?

    I had a 20 oz eastwing for the longest time and loved it. Now I tend to use a dead blow or a small sledge more often than anything else (or my DeathStick), so Im probably not the best resource, but yeah, the eastwing was really quite nice.
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    Make a gray scale light

    I would imagine the best way to achieve this effect might be to have a bunch of very large and bright strobe lights, and just whack everything with them. Maybe even some lighting generators or something... Basically something very, very large and incredibly bright might do it just by causing the...
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    Torque Wrench

    The Issue I seem to have been having is most units are graduated from 5-150 Foot pounds or whatever they happen to be, and a 1/8" crosby clip is listed for 4 1/2 foot pounds of torque (the CM ones I have at least). At work we have a machine that does it, as well as some super nice torque...