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    Finally saying hello

    I've been reading the forum on and off for ages, and joined a while ago to ask a question, but never got around to introducing myself. I'm originally from Toronto, Canada, but I'm in my first year at university in Cambridge, UK, which is where I do most of my theatre these days. Looking forward...
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    Rigging angled trusses

    If both of the lines holding up the points are vertical, the Newtonian rotational physics indicates that both points must have the same weight, so that the torques sum to zero.
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    Speaker Glow

    Yes, they were Yorkville speakers. Thanks for your help.
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    Speaker Glow

    I had an odd problem the other day, and haven't been able to find anything through forum search. We were setting up our portable sound system with a rented snake, and we used the snake's two monitor returns to connect an electric keyboard to the mixer. I couldn't get the keyboard sound to come...