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    Installs Bluetooth input for gymnasium sound system

    The Radial has the advantage of balanced signal. If you're looking for a direct replacement for the 1/8" jack then there are plenty of consumer options available.
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    Programming QLab: Xkeys, OSC, et alia

    I do not know. Apple products are not my forte.
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    Programming QLab: Xkeys, OSC, et alia

    I don't think you need OSC to tweak levels. If 'twere me, I'd write a script for a key that adds or subtracts a fixed increment then hammer it repeatedly, instead of assigning multiple keys.
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    Cigarette lighter effect?

    Mime it and trust the audience? Wire up a small LED with a battery and add a pushbutton switch to the prop? You can probably harvest most of what you need from some dollar store trinket.
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    Work Desk Organization

    Every time I reorganize I forget where I put something, then spend hours searching for it. So I gave up. I try to keep the main work area tidy but let the heaps form as they will around me. The current midden heap...
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    Control/Dimming Reliability of sending sACN directly to fixtures.

    Elation's manuals for the Artiste line do not provide any details on connectivity. The manuals show separate Ethernet IN and OUT jacks but it is unclear if there's an unmanaged switch in the fixture. It's possible. The manual mentions a DMX transceiver but is silent on whether the fixtures will...
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    Are Theatrical Relays Really Necessary In LED Based Systems

    Piling on the previous replies, we also have an ETC rack and have swapped dimmers for relays.The incremental cost of a relay when added to the purchase of quality theatrical LEDs does not add much to the overall cost. Controlling the LED power using the same controls as the rest of the rig is...
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    Caustic light effect

    Adding to @Calc's suggestion, a roll of silver mylar might give you the look you're after, at least on sunny days. The challenge is getting the angles right to bounce the light where it needs to be.
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    Retired !

    Congrats! Anybody got a winning lottery ticket I could borrow so I can join you?
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    Sources for 1/2” & 1/4” scale furniture

    These days, a 3D printer may be your best option for furniture for a physical maquette. Those things have taken away a lot of the market for specialty products like miniature furniture.I went virtual with Capture several years ago and haven't built one since then. If I had to, I'd probably...
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    Gum on Shoe Trick

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    Medium & Wide Crown staplers

    My favourite sobriquet comes from British Hong Kong, "Boss Lady". Sierra Leone's "Mama Queen II" is a close second.
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    Leprecon LP 1600 issue!

    Your dimmer rack's panic mode might be tied into a fire alarm panel or other emergency system. Some dimmer systems require a manual action to revert from a panic state. Others will revert when whatever fault triggered the panic is cleared. When a dimmer rack is in panic mode, it should ignore...
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    ETC ION 1000 Value

    The upgrade program is no longer available.
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    ETC New Product Launch at 11am EST

    ETC introduced staging mode with 3.0. It's basically a programmer that allows you to stage a look then push it to live or blind.