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    Twilite System

    Hey, I have a twilite System, I'll read through the posts in a little bit and then give any advice I can. Our entire system, including board and stiks are from EDI. ~Nick
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    Whats your programing style?

    I think it really depends on the song. At our school we sometimes have songs where its just one light throught the entire thing and nothing ever changes. However in our last musical we went from cues 74-93 all in the same song, switching back and forth costantly from normal light to a magenta...
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    Hello there! Well it looks like for not getting any replies here your doing a good amount of posting. There are lots of people here from all over the world. I hope you enjoy looking around the site and check out all the old posts, there is a huge amount of information stored there. ~Nick
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    Yes, another n0oB

    Welcome and I hope you enjoy looking around the site. Enjoy there is an almost overwhelming collection of knowlage here. ~Nick
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    number of dimmers and channel capacity of high schools

    Hello All At our school we have around 170 portable dimmers and a board that can handle upto 512 channels. Too bad its falling apart though. ~Nick
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    Hello there! Welcome to CB. I hope you look around and find some usefull stuff. I must say some really nice pics and great use of a Hazer, I like it. What did you use for the more laser ish looking light? ~Nick
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    Blown Lamp question...

    Sorry I just read the burning odor thing. I got a real good scare a few days ago. I normally don't get to see into the light when I put a gobo in and this time I saw it start smoking which apparently is normal for new ones, but jesus did that give me a freak. ~Nick
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    DSM problems

    Hello there Well I have two things to say. First your actually running shows in the way that we normally do things at my school. The chain of command here is TD SM ASM Crew Chief (Who is head of backstage and reports to the SM) Heads of Lights, Sound, Costumes (we all report to the...
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    Out with the new, In with the old.

    dunno how well this would work exactly but you could just throw some dirt on it? We did this last spring and I think we pretty much tried to keep it rather nice looking. But as it seems you've already done painting can do a ton. Maybe put up some curtains on the windows and make them ripped...
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    Howdy from Houston

    Wow that stuff looks really cool, does anyone have a site for like how much it is to buy or anything like that? Doupt I have enough to really get any of it but it looks wicked sweet. ~Nick
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    Alternative to A Hazer

    Does anyone think that maybe just putting the fog / hazer fluid in maybe like ... a spray bottle could work? I doupt it would have exactly the same effect but maybe just using water or something like that if its possible to find one with a fine enough mist of a spray? ~Nick
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    Revolving Doors

    Hey, The casters seem like they're make it really easy to move around the stage, but is there a way to lock them even with just a weight behind the base of the door so that when you try to use the door it won't slide around when pushed and instead turn like you want it too? ~Nick
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    Conventional Fixtures Relamping/avoiding fingerprints on Lamps

    Interesting, I'm guessing that you just have to wait a few min for the alchol to evap before you turn the light on so that you don't just burn out the lamp anyway? ~Nick
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    Alternative to A Hazer

    Heres an add on question. If you put a bunch of haze in the room, so that you could see the light of a special right above the stage, when your turned on the wash would it let you see all the beams or light or only that really focused original one? That might swing which way we go for a hazer...
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    Alternative to A Hazer

    I can't find anything on the rosco site, do you know at all what it might more specifically be called? It sounds simple enough but after looking through their hazer / fogger page I don't see anything. ~Nick