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    It's about cyc gels

    I've just gotten some heat shielding in the mail and i'll put that in to see if it helps, I don't know what the wattage is or were it is suppost to be I've never changed out the lamps due to them outlasting me in the time Ive been going to school here. The gels are not lasting very long, the...
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    Conventional Fixtures Cyc Light Heat Issue

    forgive me for being nieve, what is the reflector is it that little nob on the lamp...?
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    It's about cyc gels

    Hey, so I have Altman Sky-Cyc Cyclorama lights . I use gels obviously, but they also use these mesh type screens that sit in front of the gel. Basically what I'm saying is that when the gels burn out they melt onto these mesh screens. That can get...